Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jack P Shepherd signs six-figure deal, says The Sun

According to Mr Curry Sauce in today's Sun, Jack. P. Shepherd has ‘signed a six figure deal’ to stay on the soap

A source (so take this with a pinch of salt, as always) says: “Everything is being looked at to steady the ship and try and keep people happy after a rather large number of people decided to leave – but Jack was a priority and that’s why we are being told he has been told he will be a mainstay character and rewarded with this deal.

“He is only is his late 20s and after being in the show for some sixteen considerable years he has been recognised as a real integral part of Corrie – with the dysfunctional Platt family set to be projected as Weatherfield’s number one clan.

“The younger less experienced cast will have been assured they will be looked after as well when it comes to extending their contracts – if they put the work in and their characters are liked by the viewers then they will be fine.

“People like Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva Price, has shown that hard work can reap dividends – she has really made Eva work and that has been recognised."

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is staying, he really has proven himself over the last year or so. He is so natural in the kitchen and with the kids - that is where he really comes across as being real and not acting.
I guess we can cross off his name from the possible "legend" that will die in the explosion.

Flo said...

I hope this is the truth because he is terrific as David. He definitely deserves it!

vintgal003 said...

I am *absolutely* in the Team David camp!!! Stellar news!

Peter said...

He is honestly one of the best actors on the show. So glad he'll be staying for the foreseeable. Go Jack and David!

Tom said...

Great he is staying but there are far too many storylines that revolve around the Platts. Give other people a chance!

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Excellent news, I am really pleased. I've always been a fan and I think Jack is the only actor on the Street ever, who has gone from child actor to adult flawlessly and has even improved with age.

Many of the others who were in it as children seem to have got worse as they get older (and indeed have been replaced!).

C in Canada said...

David Platt is great to watch, and I'm glad to hear this news. He deserves it as you can tell he's worked hard to make his character the man that he is. Brilliant.

abbyk said...

Hooray! David has been a favorite for years. I hope, after a respectful time has passed, that they find him a new partner, and that he never stops calling his mom Gail.

Maricha said...

That's wonderful news. It isn't every actor who could make such a tortured soul likeable but Shepherd definitely has.

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