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Monday 12 September 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 12th September

Sean's depressed, but not spend his 40th - sorry, 39th - birthday at home with Norris depressed. Instead, he goes to the Rovers with his landlord, his ex-landlady, his ex-boyfriend, and Rita. I can think of better ways to spend the day. The drink is cava, the cake is filched, his present is a game of Solitaire ("from one single man to another") and Billy, after taking a fractious phone call from the Bishop, accuses him of dobbing him in to His Grace re: the Vicar's current sleeping arrangements. This after Sean magnanimously invited Todd to his do - albeit through literal gritted teeth.

Another unhappy bunny rodent is Craig, first of all with Sally's veggie sarnie of chick peas and red onion, then with Fay(e) for writing to his dad in prison, then with Beth, who is tonight resplendent in a pink PVC jacket, like a middle-aged member of Shampoo. The only time he cheers up is when getting drunk in the Bistro, before being kicked out by Steph, whereby he goes back to chez Metcalfe and promptly throws up on Sally's soft furnishings. But, despite having ripped up the visiting order that Daryl Snr sent to him, Craig fills one in online. He has, as Tim put it, found the pros of visiting a con.

Caz is happy, at least at first as she acknowledges everything that Maria has done for her, which includes getting her an interview (via Aidan) with the owner of The King's Robes in an admin role. After sharing a Spanish omelette and a hug, Caz moves in for a kiss, much to Maria's consternation. Well, she does "attract the gays", as Audrey points out. Hearing them laughing about this and Maria's "gay rays", and after finding the job is actually in Newcastle, Caz does one of her patented stormings off, leaving Maria and Sophie to drive around Manchester looking for her, in order to beg her to come back. When Kate finds out, she does her own storming off, muttering at Sophie about knowing who her friends are.

The too-much-interest-in-a-relative's-sex-life baton has been passed to Steph, who castigates Luke when he goes out Friday night in his tux and comes back Monday morning still in the tuxedo, which is now a little worse for wear, not least of all Andy's stretched shoes. Steph loses interest, however, when Robert asks her to step in for Leanne. Compliments get him nowhere but a pay rise does and Steph is now Bistro temporary manager. His tune change, when she uses her initiative and swaps a free meal in the Bistro for Sean's birthday cake to serve to a customer celebrating her 70th. Andy tries to persuade his girlfriend that the job isn't worth the grief but, as she says, she doesn't want to be a waitress forever. I think Andy just doesn't want Steph to be his boss.

The other news from tonight's ep is that the Salon was never going to win the Weatherfield Hairdresser Of The Year award because Claudia, of Perm Suspect, had the contest all sewn up: she used to give the judge free blow-drys. I bet she did.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

The Maria/Caz/Sophie/Kate rectangle is unbelievably awful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Humpty Dumpty - both episodes were unbelievably awful - everyone at odds/screaming/ at everybody else - the good note is Ozzy is still alive, yeah - albeit in exactly the same position on the couch both times he was on air - maybe they had him stuffed?
And just when did Maria buy a car? Not just any car, but a convertible vw bug that was oh so conveniently parked outside the salon when she needed it - never have seen it before.
Just where is Andy living now? With Steph & Andy, because I thought Michael, who we no longer see either, was living with them. But of course I forgot about the elastic walls.

Sophie Bird said...

I was surprised by the car too.

Sophie Bird said...

I was surprised by the car too.

Anonymous said...

Me too! I didn't even know Maria could drive!

Anonymous said...

Totally random, but did anyone notice Marion (Callum's mum) and Brian Packham in Cold Feet last night?

Ancient corrier said...

I did something last night I have never done before (and I've been watching since the very beginning)
And I'm not even bothered about what I missed.
Says it all.

Anonymous said...

don't worry - you didn't miss anything at all - actually you probably enjoyed your little nap much better than seeing these episodes. Says it all.

coconno196 said...

Maria seems to suddenly acquire a car whenever she needs to drive somewhere. I can remember one appearing a few years ago, though that may have been dead Liam's. Hardly any of the cast have cars. Why would they, when they never set foot outside the Street?

Louby said...

In true soap style, now Sean has been accused of telling the Bishop, it's almost certainly going to be someone else's action.


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