Monday, 12 September 2016

Everybody out! When Coronation Street goes on strike

The factory workers revolted recently in Coronation Street.  Led by Sally Metcalfe, they walked out on strike after they found out there was a mole in the camp who had grassed them to the boss after their film-watching session.

Mind you, they were soon wooed back in with cakes and a winning smile from Aidan Connor. 

The publicity picture from ITV, above, of the factory workers out on the cobbles, on strike, reminded me very much of the strikes in days gone by at the factory too.

There was always turmoil and trouble at the factory with the girls ganging up on Mike Baldwin, their boss.
Their firebrand leaders were Vera Duckworth, Ivy Tilsley and the indomiatable Ida Clough.

Ida Clough. Ooh, now there's a name to be reckoned with. It'd take more than a smile and a cake to woo her back to work.

More please, Corrie.

Want to see some classic Corrie strike action?  Have a look at this YouTube clip, below:

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Maricha said...

I don't know why they're mad that someone told on them. They were supposed to stay on to finish an order so wouldn't their bosses figure out they hadn't worked if it wasn't done when they returned?

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can compare the recent strike with the strikes in the heyday of Mike Baldwin.
The factory were in the wrong watching a movie when they were supposed to be working and in the past there were scenes of the workers gossiping instead of sewing or taking days off to go tot he salon or the Rovers.
Whereas Mike could be a salve driver and sometimes a strike was warranted.
The lateast strike storyline seemed silly and a contrived ploy to justify a storyline for the Connors.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they ever finish any order, they are always sitting there unpicking their sewing.

Anonymous said...

Epic! Love Ivy Tilsey taking on Mike Baldwin--what a woman. Everything about these scenes is so much more authentic than anything you see in the factory now where the girls are all so pretty and they sit around in their nice clothes and perfect manicures and fancy hairdos, gossiping, eating cakes, and relaxing. For example, who gets as glammed up as Sinead, Eva, and Beth did in the scenes this Monday? It's like a social club, not a workplace. But I love Ivy's long white work smock over the jeans and some of the other gear.

The walkout also underlines how Corrie used to actually mean something and stand for something--as opposed to now where its working class characters still live in a working class environment but have the clothes, the makeup and hair styles, and the interior home design of the wealthy. The N. American style soap has really co-opted the look and feel of the whole show.

Ruth Mckay said...

I loved Vera Duckworth,resplendent in her dayglo orange overall, with her bleach blonde,big hair,killer nails and ubiquitous fag- now that woman had style!

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