Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 21 Sep

Wednesday 21st September
CATHY GETS MORE THAN SHE BARGAINED FOR Roy reckons preoccupied Cathy has forgotten his birthday but Anna’s convinced she’s planning a surprise party. Cathy however has other things on her mind and returns to Nigel’s house, this time refusing to be fobbed off and forcing her way inside. Realising Cathy has forgotten, Anna, Alex and Ken arrange a party in the café, intending to let Cathy take the credit. Cathy rants at Nigel for deserting Alex as a child and scoffs at the measly allowance he sends. Nigel snaps and darkly suggests she looks into the source of the payments. Refusing to elaborate, Nigel throws Cathy out. Back at the café, it’s Cathy who’s surprised by the party taking place. Roy hides his hurt that she forgot his birthday. Rattled by Nigel’s words, Cathy rifles through Alex’s bank statements. Cathy informs Yasmeen that Alex’s allowance payments carry a strange reference which have made her wonder if Nigel is in fact Alex’s dad?
TODD TAKES THE PLUNGE Phelan coaches Todd in selling the vision of the new flats, supplying him with a glossy brochure to impress the punters. Phelan’s impressed as Todd effortlessly charms Sharif with his sales patter. Sonia hints to Sharif that she’d love to live in one of the flats. But Todd’s uncomfortable when Phelan gets him to target Alex and seeing Billy watching with disapproval, guilty Todd abandons his sales pitch. Phelan warns Todd that if their venture fails, it’s Jason and Eileen who will lose out.
ZEEDAN KEEPS HIS FAITH IN SHARIF Alya confides in Zeedan and Rana her suspicions about Sonia and Sharif flirting but will Zeedan share her concerns?
ELSEWHERE Alya’s thrilled when Aidan expresses interest in reviving her sideline project. A subdued Freddie tells Kevin he and Audrey have agreed to be friends. Guessing it’s not what he wants, Kevin encourages him to follow his heart. Mary offers to replace Todd in the flower shop, will Tracy agree?

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Beth said...

I'm confused. Wasn't it established months back that Cathy's husband was Alex' dad?

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised that Tracy would hire incredibly annoying Mary to replace Todd in her shop. Don't get me wrong I enjoy Mary in small doses but would anyone want to work with her all day long?

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I am finding Cathy ever-so-slightly irritating just lately. And don't get me started on Alex.

Abercrombie said...

Cathy is becoming irritating for me too. I had some sympathy with the character at first, but now she is unreal. Discussing her sleeping arrangements with Anna and not with Roy? Then big nose Anna instructing Roy...give it a rest!. As for Alex and her protective attitude towards him, words fail me.

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