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Monday 19 September 2016

All the Single Ladies

There are several single ladies at this moment on the cobbles. Some newly single, others have been single for a while. Let’s start with Liz. At one point something seemed to be happening between Amy’s friend’s dad and Liz but that must have fizzled out though I don’t remember when or why.

Her last significant relationship was with Tony and I thought they went well together. Naturally it had to end because of Tony’s deceit and relationship with Tracy. Remember how well Liz tricked Tony and everyone else into thinking she was going to give him another chance? Sheer class from the landlady of The Rovers.

Who is there for Liz? I had wondered about Vinny, the villain. She is attracted to bad boys, is our Liz. Is he with anyone? Even if he was, I cannot see Vinny being morally troubled by a little adultery. Is there anyone else suitable for Liz amongst the current residents? She needs a new arrival. And I don’t mean Leanne’s baby. Odd how she seems more interested in Leanne’s baby than she does Michelle’s. Is that just the natural reaction of human psychology? The one less available becomes the more tantalising?
Some might say that Maria must have had a moment of insanity when she dumped Luke. After all, what is not to like about the tall, dark handsome man? What is going on in Maria’s head? Does she have her heart set on Aidan, after their night of passion? He has made it clear that it was a mistake but Maria did seem a little put out by his rather ungallant attitude in making it clear that it was indeed just that and nothing more – a mistake. Maybe there will be a follow up after all.
Sarah has been single since her relationship with Callum and has been very delicate mentally since his death and Harry’s birth. She now seems to be getting stronger and there is a certain Gary Windass who may well ask Sarah out. Gary and Izzy’s time is done and they have agreed to take Care of Jake as best they can, despite their not being together. Sarah and Gary? I think that could work. We’ve already seen Izzy watching the 2 of them talking. Will Izzy find someone else too?

Mary now feels that she is nothing short of an expert on broken hearts after her fling with married cheat and ghost hunter Brendan. She has taken on her woman of the world role with great gusto, thereby producing further comedic moments for the massively talented Patti Clare.

But the question is - who will be Mary’s next love object? There has been speculation that a new man will arrive on the cobbles and that love develops after friendship. I hope It’s true. I’d love her to find a decent man but not at the cost of a reduction of eccentricity.
Tracy has been single for a while since her split with Robert. Is it possible that the 2 of them will reconcile? At the moment it seems unlikely, though who knows what set of circumstances the writers will create to put them back together. To be with Tracy is not an experience for the faint hearted and there is no sign of an orderly queue forming at her door.

Since Gary and Alya split over her night with Jason, Alya has not had a romantic attachment. Alya is beautiful, intelligent and ambitious – in short a good catch. However, she may well be enjoying her life as a working single woman and contrary to what many believe it is possible to lead a fulfilling life without a significant other.
Are Rana and Zeedan back on? Why was Rana so cagey as to why she didn’t want her parents to show up for the Nazirs anniversary do?

Gemma, a definite marmite character, had a fling with Jason, and we saw from that Gemma’s lack of confidence, despite her general gobbiness. She did reveal a while ago that she loved Callum, but it wasn’t crystal clear as to her meaning. Was it romantic love she felt or strong friendship?

Caz, Kate and Sophie are all currently single. Caz has clearly developed feelings for Maria, but there’s no chance those 2 would work as Maria is into men. Kate and Sophie, who are also single, appear to enjoy each other’s company so maybe after Brooke Vincent finishes her theatre run, Kate and Sophie will get together.

If Audrey and Ken are going to get together they are taking their time about it. Does she prefer Freddie? And there was that rather elegant looking silver haired woman in the Bistro…

Rita, I believe, is not looking for romance but you can never say never. How satisfying it would be if Queen Rita could meet her king and reign on the cobbles together. If someone did come along, he would have to be worth his weight in gold.

Ruth Owen, twitter @ruth1722


Unknown said...

Queen Rita awww - King Dennis needs to return, galloping down the cobbles.

Anonymous said...

What about a Mary and Brian Packham match up? Hmmmmm....

Cobblestone said...

The thing with Liz & Amy's friend's 'dad' fizzled out, Ruth, because Bev Callard had to be rapidly written out because of her depression medication problem. We never even got to the payoff (which was that he too was lying, and was also the boy's grandparent). Shame they haven't picked it up again. He seemed a decent sort - not Liz' usual type st all!
And whatever happened to the football team coach who was sniffing around Leanne?

Anonymous said...

I realized that most of the characters you were discussing really haven't appeared on the screen lately. Dennis needs to come back for Rita, he was the only one who really turned her head. Liz needs somebody very quickly as she really doesn't look well lately, I think the wardrobe & make-up dept need to revert back to her happy self - she looks hard & nasty which is not flattering at all. Maria is flighty & doesn't deserve anybody, she would only ruin it anyway. Mary is great, but we haven't seen her at all. I'm starting to think that maybe the cast is so big that they don't have room for them all so we only ever see about 50% of the cast during a given week. The rest are on vacation.

Maricha said...

You've forgotten Gail. Not surprised by that.
It would be lovely to see a bit more of Rita and Mary. Not so sure Dennis is right for Rita: no panache. Same thing with Brian Packham for Mary, but he does seem dull enough for Gail and it would finally be someone she can hold her head up about.
Liz really needs to be swept off her feet and not have it end in disaster for once.

Ruth owen said...

Maricha, thanks for your comment. I think with Gail I had her as being kind of with Michael, so thought she didn't qualify as truly single.

Ruth owen said...

Cobblestone, thank you for clearing that up. Perhaps he could make a return and how they would laugh when the grandparent thing was discovered. Liz certainly seemed smitten by him and he by her.


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