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Friday 16 September 2016

Coronation Street Weds 14th September episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. To quote Marilyn Monroe: "I've been on a calendar but never on time". Okay, so I have yet to be on a calendar but the latter part is true.

It's the morning after the night before for Craig. I think that would mean this episode was set on Tuesday but because Corrie isn't aired daily, times can sometimes become a little murky. As we saw in Monday's episodes, the loveable redhead got very drunk for what is presumably the first time. This was totally out of character for Beth's Craigy but it all stemmed from his ongoing argument with his mother and her attempts to stop him contacting his jailed father.

Beth is currently unaware of her son's misadventures, even though she'd probably be very proud of him spectacularly vomiting all over Sally's carpet. It seems that not even this incident would persuade him to go back home. As he soaked up his hangover with a breakfast at Roy's, he enthusiastically accepts an offer of lodgings from Tyrone. Later on, Kirk spies Craig waiting for a bus. He's going to visit his dad in prison. Kirk is initially shocked, but after listening to his tearful stepson's point of view, he relents. Craig is reassured by Kirk that his mum still loves him and he gets on the completely empty bus. No extras available that day, I assume? Or is the little backstreet the first stop for the Weatherfield Wayfarer?
"Craig. Just remember - your mum's loved you and taken care of you for
18 years. She did what she did for the right reasons"

Sitting at the visiting table with his long-lost (or long-banged up) dad, the pair couldn't look more like father and son. However, there is something a little eerie about his dad. He is far too friendly and far too unemotional after being reunited with his son following an absence of several years. Typically, he blames his incarceration on Beth and his burgeoning ulterior motives become very clear when he stoops to asking his long-lost son to smuggle drugs into the prison for him. Naturally, Craig is shocked refuses. That's when Craig's dad drops the soapy bombshell. Beth is still Mrs Darryl Parkins. Thankfully, Craig refrains from the irritating soap character habit of holding onto a secret for several episodes. He storms into number 5 and blurts the truth out to Mrs Parkins-Sutherland and Mr Kirk Sutherland. The uncharacteristically speechless Beth is shocked and this dashes almost all hope that this was nothing more than a petty lie made up by a jealous ex. Unfortunately, it seems true. What an interesting storyline to tackle. Bigamy has never been explored in Corrie before has it, Peter Barlow?

"He told me that you and him got married. That you're still married and you never got divorced"

Billy is still reeling from the news that a parishioner has expressed their concerns over Todd living with him.  The identity particular "parishioner" remains a mystery, but after hearing from Eva that a certain disaster of a stereotype tried to sabotage a trip away for the pair, the vicar is convinced he knows the answer. Billy has decided that Sean was the complainant and marches over to the factory to dish out the accusations. Of course, Sean denies everything. This confirms to Billy that it wasn't Sean. I did think it would be a little silly that Sean would do something of a homophobic nature, regardless of how jealous he may feel right now. 

A visit from the Bishop (who I will always see as Jez from Gimme Gimme Gimme) causes Billy to question his calling. I applaud the writers for these particular scenes. They were frustrating to watch, but unfortunately realistic. The Bishop preaches that Billy's sexuality is not the issue, but a vicar cannot live with his boyfriend for reasons he fails to provide. Because there are no justifiable reasons. Over a glass of wine with Todd in the garden, Billy questions his faith. I do think the idea of a gay vicar was lazily thrown together by the writers for the sake of it, but the scenes in last night's episodes were frustrating for all the right reasons.

"We teach people that oppression, injustice, discrimination, that these are things that shouldn't
be tolerated in a civilised society yet the church seems only too willing to kowtow to prejudice and bigotry"
"I can understand your frustration, but a vicar - living with his boyfriend...!"

Elsewhere, it looks like Roy and Cathy may be a little on the rocks as Roy has started to look for a sofa bed for Alex. Anna logically suggests the spare bedroom may be a better idea but she is quickly hushed by Cathy. It seems as if the spare bedroom belongs to Cathy. What is going on with Roy? As well as all this, Steph's new job as Bistro manager has been put on the line following Monday's cake drama. Whingey Robert has kindly given her another chance though, despite the fact that she did little more than save a birthday party on Monday.

A rather good episode on Wednesday, but I can't help but question the sudden bigamy revelation. What's that all about?  Oh, and I must include this lovely moment from Cathy and Anna which describes us loyal Corrie viewers:

"Our Faye, she'd have spaghetti bolognese every night of the week if I let her"
"Yeah I suppose we are just creatures of habit, aren't we?"

As always, thanks for reading!


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Anonymous said...

Kirk was his absolute best in this episode - he is so loving with Craig and the relationship between the 2 is the best on the street - Tim & Craig also work so well together. Billy should take some pointers from Kirk & Tim for the best way to deal with people. His compassion & communication skills are surely lacking lately. While he may be upset that parishioners are wrong for being homophobic, I believe they may even feel the same way about a female vicar living with her boyfriend without the sanctity of marriage. People of the cloth are held to much higher standards.
Kudos to the make-up department - they did a bang up job of Andy for his zombie outfit. I almost didn't recognize him.

Cobblestone said...

But wasn't that the cutest little zombie you ever did see? ­čśë

Newfy Pearl said...

There was the bigamy storyline with Peter Barlow (Lucy and Shelly)...but there was also one with Emily Bishop years ago.
As for Billy and the vicargage...would there be upset if he was living with a woman as it unseemly for him to be living with anyone - man or woman? Or is it a gay issue. Not sure there.

Shells said...

Of course there are justifiable reaons: a church vicar isn't supposed to be having premarital sex or living with someone, male or female, outside of marriage. Them's the religious rules, Jordan! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl and Shells, I agree with the pair of you! Like you said Shells, he is a Vicar, who should set a good example for his parishers and therefore should not have moved his partner into the vicarage. In my humble opinion it has nothing to do with the fact that he is gay.
Having said that I am very disappointed in Billy, he seems to have lost his way and is not behaving very Vicar like at all. His complete insensitivity towards Sean's feelings. Public displays of affection and continuing to drink in the pub where Sean works not cool.

Tom said...

Lovely scene between Kirk and Craig. I often thought Kirk was a waste of space but it shows that the actors can only deliver a good performance if they are given good lines by the writers.

Rapunzel said...

It might have been the camera angle but Tyrone looked like a Pygmy next to Craig during their scene in Roys Rolls. I wonder whether or to what extent significant height differences between actors cause problems during filming.

Louby said...

I agree about the Darryl/Craig likeness, but the scenes near the end of the episode, when Craig and Beth were in the frame at the same time, showed how much they are alike too. Great match as mum and son.

Maricha said...

As a few have mentioned, Vicars can't have live-in lovers. However, just to get to the bottom of what the objection is Billy should have asked the Bishop to be clear: if he marries Todd will their couple be accepted.
I really hope this problem with his parents won't lead Craig astray, he's one of my favorite characters and seeing a good mother and son relationship, is rare enough. I hope they can put this behind them soon.

Anonymous said...

Loved the references to The Walking Dead by Andy and Steph; Andy's make up was brilliant!

And yes, bigamy has been done before as has been said upthread, with Arnold Swain and Emily Bishop, apart from Peter Barlow.

I'm also in the camp that thinks Billy is having problems by living "in sin" with anyone, male or female. It isn't a gay issue and it strikes me strange that Billy doesn't realise this.

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd drop the homophobe's getting old.


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