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Thursday 22 September 2016

Will Todd bring down Phelan - or just wind him up?

Who thinks Todd will bring down Phelan? And who thinks Todd will just wind Phelan up even more than he already does?

My own view is that Phelan is such a good baddie, the best one we've had in Coronation Street for a very long time, in fact he's too good a baddie to let go.  Therefore, my guess is that Corrie will want to keep Phelan going for as long as possible.  But, in soap, all baddies must get their comeuppance so there has to be a natural arc to Phelan's storyline which will see him leave one day. In theory, any way...

Next week on Coronation Street, we'll see Todd try to back off from his partnership with Pat and Vinny. He does this to try to save his relationship with Billy, which I believe, is worth fighting for.

Connor McIntyre, who plays Pat Phelan says this about Phelan finding out about Todd wanting to pull out of the scam: "Phelan is extremely anxious for two reasons. First of all, that rocks the whole boat with Eileen. Also, we know there's history between Phelan and Vinny. Phelan knows that Todd pulling out represents real dangers in terms of Vinny just saying, ‘I’m going to kill him.’ Now, for Phelan, that would wreck the whole deck of cards also, so he's very anxious.

"Phelan tries to persuade Todd on two fronts. Firstly, he hits Todd where his soft spot is, which is Eileen and Jason. He says, ‘This is about your mum getting something for herself’ and about Jason’s investment being at stake. Then, of course, he offers to pay for Billy’s charity trip to get Billy on side, so he's hitting him on every front really".

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Flo said...

I have a feeling we are going to see Vinny do a runner and leave Pat in the lurch. He'll get a taste of his own medicine and perhaps he'll be a changed man. Should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Vinny will probably do a runner, but I can't see Pat staying on the street after that. He wouldn't even be able to hold his head up high. Maybe Eileen will finally do him in.

Cobblestone said...

Interesting to see the limits to Phelan's villainy. He's a complete scumbag, but he's no killer. Typical swaggering bully, really. I think he's finding himself in deeper than he can cope with.

Rapunzel said...

Questions that keep me awake at night (well, not really!)

It seems they're looking to make 1.5m split three ways ("you'll be halfway to being a millionaire"). How much would they make if they simply built the damn units?

Also, how can Todd simply accept Phelan's assurance that Jason's money won't be lost when the whole scam involves Vinny doing a runner? It would look too suspicious if the money had already been repaid before then.

The Police will be all over this. They'll be looking for signs that the work had at least been started. What's the explanation for sacking the architect?

Beth said...

I think if Pat stays long term it will become tiresome. The story and villain needs an end so we as viewers need closure and satisfaction. I'd get tired and fed up of him anyway.

Maricha said...

Whether Vinny has the money or not Phelan will have to leave at least for a while. No one with a bit of sense will believe in him. I don't see how Todd could do much to Phelan at this point: he's spread too thin by trying to get Billy back. Tricking a con artist is a full time job.


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