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Monday 19 September 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 19th September

It's a Todd spectacular tonight as he is involved in not one but two storylines. The likes of Tyrone and Zeedan must be weeping for even a sniff of a decent story. So it turns out that Eileen wasn't encased in concrete in the Manchester Shipping Canal, as Todd suspected, but was actually up to her ears in bubble bath and champagne in a luxury spa (I'm not sure you get bubble bath at a spa - unless Vinnie took her to the Spar in Didbsbury?). Todd raises on elegantly shaped eyebrow at Pat's attempts to manipulate him, and Vinnie, who, it turns out, owes money to the Manchester mafia, decides they must up the ante and send "the jumped-up little flower boy" to a watery grave. Todd should really use his manipulative skills to their full effect and turn Phelan and Vinnie against each other - it wouldn't be that hard to do, given that they are both criminal, greedy and unpleasant.

In the cafe, Anna warns Cathy against Phelan, saying that Todd's "instincts are sound." When it comes to Phelan maybe, when it comes to boyfriends, no. Sean discovers that it was actually Todd who tipped off the Bishop about the Vicar's sleeping arrangements and, to Sean's credit, he is not triumphant, just looks rather sad to be proved right about his ex-friend. Todd claims he was just trying to push Billy in the right direction, that the church would never accept his and Todd's relationship and Billy is best off out of it. Todd is rather playing God, trying to force Billy into a decision that he might have come to eventually, anyway.

Ironically, later on, it seems that Billy has come round to Todd's way of thinking, believing that Todd did the wrong thing for the right reasons and he is still considering his future in (or out of) the church. But by then, its too late. Angry and humiliated after being dumped by Billy, Todd has taken up Pat's offer of a cut of the scam profits and has quit Preston's Petals to work for his arch-enemy - as long as he doesn't fleece Eileen and Jason. I really think Todd should have negotiated a better deal for himself; how does he know he'll get his payday? What percentage has he agreed on? He seems more concerned about proving everybody right, that he is "a lying, manipulative creep". I wonder if he's actually looking for another substitute dad in Phelan, as he did with Tony? I do prefer Todd when he uses his powers of cunning and calculation for good, otherwise he's just another baddie. He was also a formidable enemy for Phelan, more so than scared Michael, scarred Anna and wary Gary.

Meanwhile, Evil Phelan plumbs new depths of duplicity by attempting to fleece a man with Down's Syndrome (via Roy) for the deposit for an imaginary flat. Fortunately, Roy is a man with his eyes on the plan, or rather the finished building, wanting to see with his own eyes what he might invest in on behalf of Alex, but really, seems at present more interested in his vegetable rotation system. Cathy though takes matters into her own hands and tries to get Alex's dad to give him some money, although she gets even shorter shrift from him. Why doesn't she just sell the hoarder house if she wants to buy a fictitious flat for her nephew?'

Yasmeen drives Cathy to Alex's dad's house, bringing about the return of the storyline that nobody likes. First of all, Sonia looks on jealously as Yasmeen and Sharif go for a romantic meal, then ups her woe when they return, subsequently making come hither eyes at Sharif until he goes to bed with her, and finally, criticises Yasmeen's dress sense and bedroom ornaments. You can steal a woman's husband, Sonia, but never disparage her knick-knacks! Alya spots the affection between her granddad and his amant and makes a face, possibly at this yawnsome and unbelievable storyline. I agree with Emma: it would have been better if Sharif had commenced the affair when Sonia moved in with the Nazirs, rather than before they moved onto the street.

If there's a theme to tonight's ep, it's men behaving badly. The only one who behaves better is Freddie, as he apologises to Audrey for running out on her the other evening after they were witnessed by Angelica, one of Sadie's friends. He brings Aud flowers and they agree it's too soon after his wife's death for dating and agree to be just good friends. Which I presume leaves the way open for Kaudrey?

In other news, Aidan spies Sinead and Alya's sideline designs in the factory. I'd actually forgotten Alya is employed at Underworld, it's so long since we've seen her clasping a clipboard.

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Lily Bigfield said...

Those clunky plot devices got in the way for me again; the inadvertently left mobile phone, so Sean can answer it and uncover Todd's devious doings. Then the sudden need for Yasmeen to act as taxi driver to Cathy, when Streetcars is right there. Also, consider me appalled that Alex and Cathy would think they had a right to ask Roy to stump up the money for a deposit on the phantom flats. How was Alex going to pay a mortgage anyway? On his wages from the cafe? And as you have pointed out, Cathy has that big hoarding house she is doing nothing with at the moment - it could be sold, or Alex could move in there if he wanted to live independently.

Anonymous said...

Alex needs to get lost already. Go to Scotland and don't come back. He well and truly is the downfall of Cathy/Roy's relationship. Cathy is such a fool for him, doing all these things that his MOTHER should be taking care of, not Roy!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with above comments re Alex - to be frank, I'm not altogether sure he would be able to run his own household.

I'm getting heartily sick of him and Cathy taking Roy for a mug.

Anonymous said...

yes tonight's episodes were just too pedant - too predictable - too not much fun to watch - Todd's phone forgotten on the bar,
Sean finding it & of course answering it. Suddenly Cathy is on Alex's side although I have no idea how he could manage on his own - he hasn't been doing that lately, and now Cathy is suddenly believing Eileen's version over Anna's, even though she works with Anna on a daily basis and isn't shy about sharing her most intimate thoughts with and then suddenly she goes to Yasmeen for a ride to visit Alex's father. I don't remember Cathy & Yasmeen being such close friends, but that of course, leaves two-timing Sharif alone with Sonia until they are spotted by Alya who suddenly appears from nowhere & isn't at work???? Oh, yes, Aidan just happens to find the drawings of Sinead & Alya's sideline - after all this time. How coincidental. NOT

Beth said...

I didn't like Todd when he came back to the street. And I think we are all wondering what happened to him over the years to turn him into mean nasty Todd. Though since he's settled back and they've toned him down a bit he's grown considerably on me. Bruno Langley can certainly act and I'd say he's carrying the Phelan story mainly. Since his involvement and interest it's become much more enjoyable. I'm disappointed they've taken him from the shop and Tracy, hopefully it's just a short time thing. He and she made a good couple and gave her a different outlet and a quirky friendship that worked. He certainly carried last night's episode and was able to do so. I'm hoping he'll hook Phelan and save the day and not just revert back. Currently he's a great character with many layers and is one of the few characters that has so much potential. There are two sides to him and you never know whether he's laughing with you or at you.
Nice to see another character being developed greatly other than one of the Platt's.

Maricha said...

I still don't think Cathy is good enough for Roy and this situation with Alex is a perfect example why.She gets the bit in her teeth about the oddest things:she couldn't even keep a house in relative order but she's pushing Roy to finance a real estate purchase? Who'll be keeping that flat in order? Who'll be keeping an eye on Alex?Who says Alex should ever be living on his own?
Why are Cathy and Alex still at Roy's in the first place? Cathy was invited to stay over by Roy, not for romantic reasons but so that she'd have a safe base from which to organize the clean up of her house and then, presumably move back there, instead she wants to make the arrangement permanent and acts as if she has nowhere else to go. Now she's listening to Eileen of all people over Anna? It's going from bad to worse.

Anonymous said...

Not to be cruel :) but Cathy seems one of those people who almost deserve to be fleeced (as per Phelan's claim) because she's acting so incredibly stupid. Does she really believe that she just needs to raise the money for the down payment and the flat will be Alex's? She would lose her down payment anyways, whether the flats existed or not, because Alex would not be able to raise the other 80 or 90%. It's all so silly to see her scuttling around, frantically trying to raise x thousand dollars by the end of the week to reserve her spot on the fantasy train!

Louby said...

Anon at 1.44, you have summed it up perfectly. Agree with Lilly too.

I really hate what they are doing to Sharif's character. Lazy, rubbish writing to make a previously strong, loyal couple fall apart (presumably) due to an affair.

When stupid things happen in Corrie, blame the scriptwriters - they obviously haven't given much thought to the issues that people have noted in the comments above. Reality doesn't seem to matter!

Mimionthebeach said...

I really don't like Cathy and I hate her with Roy. She's always trying to guilt him into doing something he doesn't want. Not in a good way, as in helping him to overcome obstacles, but in a greedy way. There is no reason Roy should be made to feel obliged to help her nephew. They both take such liberty and advantage. Roy is such a fantastic character and I don't want him to change for someone as common as Cathy.


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