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Monday 19 September 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 19 Sep

Monday 19th September
PHELAN LURES TODD INTO A DANGEROUS TRAP Frustrated Todd tells Billy about Phelan’s scam and how the police won’t take him seriously after he wrongly reported Eileen missing. Todd squares up to Phelan and vows to find proof of the building scam to give to the police. Phelan’s unnerved and phones Vinny to warn him. When Phelan calls Todd to invite him for a chat at the development site, Todd’s pleased, thinking Phelan’s on the back foot. At the Calcutta Street site, Phelan spots the contents of Vinny’s holdall and is alarmed to realise the lengths to which Vinny’s prepared to go to silence Todd! Meanwhile when Todd leaves his phone in the Rovers, Sean answers a call and is shocked to learn the caller’s identity. Troubled Sean reveals to Billy that he took a call on Todd’s mobile from the Bishop. Billy’s stunned by the obvious implications.
ALEX SETS HIS SIGHTS ON A NEW HOME Alex approaches Phelan about buying one of his flats. Unscrupulous Phelan demands a £15,000 reservation fee and suggests Alex asks Roy for a loan as they are selling fast. But Roy refuses to invest in something that hasn’t been built. Back from the spa, Eileen hears Anna warning Cathy and Alex against buying a flat from Phelan. Eileen steps in to assure them it’s a sound deal and agrees to hold a flat for Alex when Cathy pledges to raise the funds.
SONIA’S TOUCHY AROUND SHARIF AND YASMEEN As Sharif takes Yasmeen out for a romantic lunch, Sonia looks on jealously. In front of Sharif, Sonia cries on Yasmeen’s shoulder over her failed marriage. Sharif’s awkward as Yasmeen comforts her. Alone at No.6, Sonia suggests to Sharif they make the most of the empty house. Will Sharif be able to resist temptation?
ELSEWHERE Audrey calls at the garage and tears a strip off Freddie for abandoning her at dinner. Freddie describes his encounter with Sadie’s friend to Kevin and Luke. They urge him to explain to Audrey. Beth begs Kirk to come home, is he ready to forgive?

Monday 19th September
TODD DANCES WITH THE DEVIL As the truth sinks in that Todd tipped off the Bishop, Billy’s gutted and confronts Todd. Realising the game’s up, Todd claims he merely set Billy free from a religion that wouldn’t accept the real him. Billy’s furious and finishes with Todd. Meanwhile Phelan’s shocked when Vinny reveals he’s in huge debt to some very shady characters and won’t allow anything to jeopardise the development. Vinny and Phelan are gobsmacked when Todd turns up at the site and announces that he wants in on the deal, declaring he’s reverting to type following Billy’s rejection and back on the dark side he’ll happily fleece the neighbours. But he stipulates that Eileen and Jason mustn’t lose a penny or he will scupper the project. Will Phelan and Vinny accepts Todd’s terms?
CATHY RESOLVES TO GET ALEX WHAT’S RIGHTFULLY HIS Yasmeen drives Cathy to Alex’s dad Nigel’s house. But when Cathy knocks on the door, a hostile Nigel refuses to discuss Alex and slams it in her face.
ALYA SPOTS SOMETHING’S AMISS Sharif’s guilt-ridden after sleeping with Sonia and when she starts criticising Yasmeen’s taste, Sharif forbids her from mocking his wife. Sonia’s chastened but as Sharif places a hand on her back, Alya walks in and clocks their intimacy. Meanwhile Aidan finds some drawings in a filing cabinet at Underworld and is impressed by Alya and Sinead’s old sideline designs.
ELSEWHERE Freddie calls into the salon with flowers for Audrey. He explains how Sadie’s friend made him feel guilty about their date and he panicked. Seeing Freddie’s turmoil, Audrey melts. Audrey tells Freddie they should just be friends since he’s still grieving. Freddie agrees, saddened.

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Why on earth would Sean answer Todd's phone? I wouldn't dream of answering anyone's phone, it smacks of nosiness.

And, oh, Eileen is going to look really stupid when the truth eventually comes out..."rubs hands with glee"

Anonymous said...

I have to ask whatever happened to Cathy's house? She obviously doesn't live there anymore. Why couldn't she sell it and give the money to her nephew. I fail to see why Roy is expected to support Cathy's nephew. Where is his feckless mother?

Maricha said...

@ Derelict Cucumberpatch it is Sean we're talking about so nosiness is to be expected. You must be a saint not to want some dirt on someone who just stabbed you in the back.

@Anonymous,16:15, I also wonder about that house but after hoarders have made a mess sometimes a house has to be stripped down to the studs and new walls and floors put in, so often, the owners sell it for a song or have to demolish. Cathy was supposed to tackle her mess while living at Roy's but instead she's always hanging about on Corrie so for all we know that place is still a messy disaster zone.

Zagg said...

If Todd can turn on a dime and revert to type onto the Dark Side, then he was just playing Billy all along. Wah wah wah......someone broke my heart I'm becoming a baddie again. Pulleeeze.
And the Roy/Cathy/Alex trio is not working for me at all. Cathy and Alex just seem like they are using Roy. They have turned Alex into a rather unlikeable character. It's as if we are supposed to excuse everything and feel sorry for him because of his disability. But, having a disability doesn't automatically make you a good or nice person. He's a jerk actually who habitually lies and uses people. Who needs him? I know I don't.

coconno196 said...

I don't believe Todd has gone to the bad again, he's setting a trap for Phelan and Vinny, following Billy's advice earlier to do his best to expose them. At the time he said "But how?" and now he's thought of a way because everyone is willing to think the worst of him.


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