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Friday 16 September 2016

Steve McDonald's babies in health scare storyline

There looks to be a storyline coming up in Coronation Street that might affect Steve McDonald's health - and that of his unborn babies too.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun this week that Steve finds out he might have inherited myotonic dystrophy - a muscle-wasting disorder which could be life-threatening.

The Sun says that we'll see Steve take a phone call from his dad, Jim McDonald.  I guess that's where the rumour has come from that Jim is returning to the show - well, sadly, he's not.

Jim tells Steve that he's been diagnosed with the disease and tells his son that he might have it too.  This in turn leads Steve to worry that if he does have it, he might have passed it on to his two unborn children.

He confides in Michelle, who is woried about her unborn child, naturally. And then Michelle  confides in Leanne - who also worries about her unborn child.
The source added: “This story could be the tipping point for Leanne and force her to reveal that Steve’s the father of her baby.”

As this is soap, the fact that Steve is Leanne's baby daddy has got to come out, it just has to.  It's going to be a great reveal when it does and I can't wait.  I imagine Steve might look something like this when it does.
I did wonder a few weeks ago, when Amy had chicken pox, if that might impact on the unborn babies of Michelle and Leanne too?
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C in Canada said...

Ah, so THAT'S how it's all going to tumble out!

It's too bad Big Jim from the Big House isn't returning, I was rather looking forward to that.

Tvor said...

When Amy had the chicken pox, I don't think Michelle was pregnant or knew she was, and she was in Ireland around then too, wasn't she? Liz prevented Leanne from coming in the house because of it since she did know Leanne was pregnant. I guess if Leanne's baby has the gene she could still say someone else in her family has it. Coincidental but not impossible. But yes, it's got to come out and this is as good a way as any. I'm looking forward to the reveal, too!

abbyk said...

Um, won't he also have to tell Tracy so Amy can be tested? That should be good and Elle Mulvaney can handle it. IMHO, how it affects a character we already care about. like Amy, is more interesting than the up to now absurd baby angle.

Anonymous said...

I read this as "1 baby will die, another will survive". I'm betting Michelle's baby has the disorder and will have a miscarriage. Then everytime she sees Leanne she'll think of her unborn child and continously blame Steve (the truth will be out by then) for the death of their baby.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I hope that it's not Michelle that loses the baby (hope no one does) because Kym lost a baby in real life and I would think that would be a very painful storyline to participate in.

Anonymous said...

As a clinical nurse specialist for patients with myotonic dystrophy I am very happy that Corrie are raising awareness of this illness. I hope they have done their research about the disease and handle it properly and sensitively.


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