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Wednesday 28 September 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 28 Sep

Weds 28th September

CATHY GETS HER BOYS BACK Detecting a frosty atmosphere between Cathy and Roy, Tyrone offers to drive Alex to Scotland. Cathy confides in Fiz about Alan being Alex’s father and admits she’s struggled to accept Alex since she discovered the truth. But when Roy’s Woody breaks down on the way to Inverness and Kevin is called out to rescue them, Cathy realises she’s made a mistake and seizes the opportunity to go with him and bring Roy and Alex home.

BILLY GIVES EILEEN FOOD FOR THOUGHT Eileen is gutted when she witnesses Billy refusing to give Todd the time of day. When Eileen makes an attempt to get Billy to forgive Todd for what he’s done, Billy warns Eileen that Todd has a hatred for Phelan and that she should be mindful of the mess she could be getting herself mixed up in. Will Eileen take heed of his advice?

MARIA GETS GRAVE NEWS ABOUT A FAMILY MEMBER Kirk visits Maria at home and tells her that a close family member is very unwell hasn’t got long left to live. Maria and Kirk are devastated by this shock news.

ELSEWHERE Sharif’s plan to get his hands on the money he needs has succeeded and he hands over a cheque to Alya. But where has this money come from and will Sharif have landed himself in even more hot water? Elsewhere Erica tricks Aadi and Asha into admitting to Dev where they’ve really been getting their flowers from. How will Dev react?

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Anonymous said...

Too bad, we were almost rid of the obnoxious Alex. Love the dramatic build up to the death of Maria's dog... I'm sure that Maria and Kirk are just devastated to hear that a dog no one has seen or heard from for eons is now gravely ill.

Maricha said...

If you ask me the mistake is Cathy not joining Alex in Scotland and giving us a break.
I want more Tyrone and Fizz and Chesney and their cute kids in Roy's life and less of of the aunt and nephew from hell.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon above. Hoped that was the last of Alex. Perhaps he and Cathy could take themselves off to sponge off Nigel. Haha, is Kevin the only breakdown garage between Weatherfield and Inverness?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Dare I say it but I think people held off making negative comments about Alex because of the disability of both the character and the actor. It's fine for the writers to show being disabled doesn't make you a saint and Alex is portrayed as manipulative. Perhaps he learnt it from his mother. But where are his saving graces? For example, we could see him being more affectionate with his Aunty Cathy. The writers might say Alex is an ordinary character who just happens to be disabled but Alex isn't like Izzy. Address the disability, make something of it and then move on with his story. Like how can he possibly live alone in a flat? He scalded his arm in a café full of helpful people and was calling for his aunt in a very distressed way. Oth, perhaps he could manage with support. Roy and Cathy should be discussing issues like this.

Anonymous said...

Actually, knowing that Ozzy isn't long for this world, I noticed he is on the Connor couch a lot lately.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think they should create an award category for the animal most talked about on blog pages & rarely seen on screen. He would win hands down. Teehee

Anonymous said...

sorry, make that "paws" down

Anonymous said...

well folks I owe a huge apology to all those comments about Ozzy being not long for this world - I thought you were all making sarcastic remarks about the family member dying - but lo and behold you were right all along. Fooled me on that one.

Anonymous said...

we didn't have such a hoo har when other animals disaррeard (whatever haррened to monica?- tyrone's whiррet)


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