Sunday, 18 September 2016

Watch: Sky the Japanese Spitz sings Coronation Street tune

We've received an email from a Coronation Street fan in Ireland called Frances.  And Frances has sent us a lovely little video of her dog singing along to the Coronation Street theme tune. I love it when dogs do this!

Frances says: "This is Sky, my foster Japanese Splitz, who just loves Corrie. It's the only
programme that she sings at when the music starts."

And if you liked that version of the Corrie theme tune, you might like all of these too!

Soulful funk version by The Flaming Muchachos
Ska reggae version by Izzy Royal
Coronation Street Jamaican singalong by Top Grant
Rock and funk style
Funkin' it up on Corrie 
Compare the Market - Corrie's sponsor from Nov 2012 - meerkat band plays the theme tune.
Classical version
Dudley the dog sing-along

Songs about Coronation Street
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Every Street's a Coronation Street

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