Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Pics: Is David planning an explosion in revenge for Kylie's death?

Paparazzi pictures taken today show Jack P Shepherd, as David Platt, buying two cans of petrol at a garage. Now then, either David has taken up driving and needs to top up his engine or...

...well? I wonder what he is up to?

Might there be an explosion on the cobbles?  Coronation Street producer Kate Oates told us earlier this year when blogger Emma and I met her, that there was going to be something big happening this autumn.

Kate Oates told us:  "We are going to have a nice big stunt coming up in the autumn. It's traditional, you know! That will possibly be tied up with the Platts' story."

She also said that there is a turbulent time for David Platt as he becomes hellbent on avenging Kylie's tragic death.
The Manchester Evening News has the paparazzi pictures which show David appearing to fill a car with petrol. Then he gazed at a photo of Kylie.

Jack, as David, has also been filmed parking up a lighter outside a courtroom in scenes filmed in Salford, indicating that David’s rage against her killer Clayton could be about to manifest itself into something even more dangerous.

He looked on menacingly as a prison van was driven through the gates of Weatherfield Crown Court.
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Anonymous said...

traditional stunt in Autumn, also May - maybe Christmas and let's not forget January - long may it continue, NOT!

Anonymous said...

Stupid, stupid David! Shows what a complete idiot he is. He should be focusing his time on looking after his kids, adopting Max and getting him the therapy he desperately needs. Instead of running around like a fool bent on revenge like an old western. Last thing those poor kids need is their only parent in prison. I am not impressed with this storyline.

C in Canada said...

Demon David is back! I'm actually shocked it took this long - I thought Callum would have brought it out in him months ago.
At least this time he's justified in his target.

Anonymous said...

OK...so we are loving David...but if he does this....I just hope they don't push him too far....he does have the children to consider.

Anonymous said...

What does 'parking up a lighter' mean?

Cobblestone said...

Think it's a typo for 'sparking', though I too did a doubletake at that.

Anonymous said...

Why do Platt storylines always run on and on and on? Ever story arc for them seems to take a year or more. It's tiresome; put them back in the cupboard for a while.

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