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Friday 23 September 2016

Coronation Street Weds 21st September episode review

Happy birthday, Roy!

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

This particular Wednesday marked the 62nd birthday of Roy, who although often one to dismiss birthdays as trivial, is a little miffed to find that Cathy has apparently forgotten all about it. She dashes out of the café, vaguely telling Roy and Anna she has a few errands to carry out. Anna tells Roy that she is obviously organising a surprise party. Because we're in Soapland here, nothing could ever be that simple. She's not organising a party of any kind and has unfortunately forgotten all about Roy's birthday. Instead, she's off to visit Alex's dad, accompanied by Yasmeen, to try and convince him to give his son a deposit for one of Pat Phelan's non-existent flats. And breathe! So, as Yasmeen and Cathy arrive on yet another dramatic street somewhere in Manchester, Cathy will not be told that maybe this isn't such a good idea. Alex's dad, Nigel, is far less than pleased to see her but Cathy eventually gains five minutes of his time by way of trapping her foot in the door that was almost slammed in her face.

"I don't owe Alex anything"
"You owe Alex the same as what you owe your other two kids"
"You don't know what you're talking about"

The five minutes spent in Nigel's living room are enough to unlock a secret which was supposedly meant to be kept for a lifetime. Cathy tells him that the monthly allowance that Alex receives is hardly enough. She notices the photographs of his daughters littered around the living room and points out that Nigel owes Alex far more than a monthly allowance after abandoning him over two decades ago. This is when Nigel angrily suggests that Cathy has a look to see just exactly where Alex's payments are coming from. Instantly regretting his outburst, he throws Cathy out and sets a ball rolling in her mind, especially when Nigel shouts that he can't say anymore because he's made a promise. Again - this is Soapland, the place where all promises are broken and all secrets are told. Back at the café, Cathy is taken aback to learn of her error. It's okay though, because Alex and Anna have hastily thrown together not-so-surprise suprise party. Roy seems to be nonchalant and forgiving and Cathy dashes upstairs to find out where Alex's allowance is coming from. This revelation takes Cathy even further aback, as she discovers that the allowance payments come from Newhaven, the place where her late husband went on business. The place where he had an affair with Cathy's sister. And that's when the episode ended with a classic Corrie bombshell.
"I think Alex must be the product of an affair"

As of this week, it would seem that Todd and Billy are no more. The Tilly fandom (a lovely term I discovered on Twitter earlier this week) will be breaking their hearts after the pair split in Monday's episode, following Billy's discovery that Todd was the one who complained to the Bishop. Why Todd has suddenly reverted back to his evil self is a mystery to me. Why he was even made to be evil when he returned from London anyway has always been a mystery to me.  Anyway, now Todd is working for Pat and his fake flats and is attempting to flog said fake flats to anyone who passes by.  As the lying goes on, however, guilt starts to seep in. Todd eventually walks away and when confronted by Phelan in the pub later, he seems to be drawn back in.

"Once we've got enough cash, that goes into Vinny's business account.
Then Vinny does a runner. Cue despair and desolation"

Tracy scoffs at Todd as she passes him on the Street and says he will be sorry for leaving her at the flower shop. However, she is getting more and more frustrated as she fails to find somebody to replace Todd at the shop. She's generously paying the living wage, too. That's when she bumps into Mary, who enthusiastically offers her services to Preston's Petals. Tracy reluctantly takes her. 

"I have pretty green fingers myself"
"Oh... right...well somebody that isn't totally irritating-"
"And what I don't know about seasonal blooms isn't worth knowing!"

Elsewhere, Alya has been impressing the boss at work with her knicker designs. Aidan found some of her sketches in her locker and was so impressed that he has offered to have them produced. However, back at home, Alya is beginning to smell a rat called Sonia. She can see that something is going on between her granddad and the woman who is supposed to be a family friend. Little does she know that something has been going on for seven whole years. Something tells me these two storylines are going to collide very soon!

Overall, I enjoyed this episode quite a lot. I was certainly not expecting the somewhat revelation at the end, and the scenes leading up to it were fantastic.  Oh, and a special mention goes to Kate Ford and Patti Clare, who as Tracy and Mary created the highlight of the episode for me. I can't wait to see how this double act pans out! Tracy may well be jailed for murder again...

As always,

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Anonymous said...

Cathy is really starting to get on my last nerve - Roy deserves so much better than what he is getting from Cathy & Alex. It has been commented on before that a lot of viewers hope that they both leave and join Nessa - I'm all for that line of thinking also. Way too much melodrama for sweet Roy.
The highlight of the episode was Sharif dissing Tracy in the street. Yeah finally someone who stands up to her.

Cobblestone said...

'Tilly'? Better than Bodd, I suppose! 😉

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 02.16. I wanted to like Cathy when she arrived, but I can't stand her. She and Alex have completely hijacked Roy's life and home. He does deserve better and I'd be glad to see the back of her. I Don't care who Alex's father is.

Louby said...

Maybe I'm just being a bit thick this week, but this money, and Cathy, and Alex....what?!!!

I really liked Cathy when she first arrived so I don't really like what they have turned her into.

My highlight was Roy practicing his surprised face looking in a reflective teapot.

Would Phelan just accept that Todd had changed his mind? He let Todd in on the scam very quickly.

Ancient corrier said...

Tracy and Mary - could be fun. I can't wait!
But then, I thought Sean and Norris would be fun - I'm still waiting.

Zagg said...

The big bombshell of Alex's true father. What bombshell? No one cares and like we didn't see that coming? Please.I sincerely hope they write out Cathy and Alex. It seems they are very much disliked with the fan base. When you look at social media pages, the negative posts on them are overwhelming.
It makes you wonder, did the PTB really think the audience would fall in love with these two users who treat Roy so badly?

coconno196 said...

Totally agree re Cathy and Alex. Appalling they even considered asking Roy for financial help when Cathy has a valuable house standing empty. Roy deserves better, and doesn't need to be paired off, he has enough friends and interests to keep him busy.

Anonymous said...

As a viewer in Canada, am not looking forward to this storyline whatsoever!
I used to like Cathy but not any longer and I can't stand Alex! I don't understand why Cathy has moved this young man into Roy's tiny apartment what the heck happened to her house? I would think that there are resources available to help Alex with his housing needs.
I welcome the fact that a young actor with Down's Syndrome has been cast, it is unfortunate that his character happens to be so unlikeable.

Maricha said...

Why would Nigel think revealing who Alex's biological father is let him off the hook for him financially? If he was married to Nessa, Alex is his and Nessa 's problem no matter what arrangements Cathy's husband made. That would be a great reason to send him away and back to them.
Tracy and Mary would be a great pairing since Tracy was supposed to be reforming herself and Mary wouldn't cover for her bad behavior.


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