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Monday 26 September 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 26 Sep

Monday 26th September
ALYA BITES BACK  When Aidan tells Alya that the equipment they’d need in order to bulk produce her designs would cost up to £14k, Alya vows to get her hands on the money. Having already threatened to expose Sonia and Sharif to Yasmeen for their secret affair, Sharif begs Alya not to destroy Yasmeen with the truth. All respect for her grandad lost, Alya agrees to keep silent: but at what cost?
ROY PROTECTS ALEX FROM THE TRUTH Roy warns Cathy to wait until her anger has subsided before she tells Alex the truth about his father, before whisking Alex off for a day at the allotment. Roy tries to brush off Alex’s concerns over Cathy’s bad mood but when Alex guesses that Cathy has found out that Alan was his father Roy is aghast.
MARIA ENCOURAGES BETH TO FIGHT FOR HER MAN On the day of Beth’s court appearance, Maria tries to talk to Kirk about Beth but Kirk diverts his attention elsewhere. Desperate for her brother to make amends with his wife, Maria tells Beth that if she’s any chance of getting Kirk back she’ll need to deliver a heartfelt apology. When Beth tries to persuade Kirk to support her in court, will he find the strength to say yes?
ELSEWHERE Dev is impressed by the twins’ business enterprise as they arrange flowers from the school garden into bouquets for him to sell, but Erica is sceptical: what are they up to? And Andy tries to tap into his creative side when he writes a short horror story but Steph is less than encouraging of his efforts.

Monday 26th September
SHARIF FEELS THE SQUEEZE Under pressure from Alya to cough up the money for her Underworld designs, Sharif is up against it but Sonia further adds to his worries when she makes it clear that she still expects him to get her a place to live too. Sharif is at a loss as to where he will find the funds to appease both women, until he comes up with an idea...
ROY APPEALS TO CATHY TO SEE SENSE When Alex announces that he’s going to live in Scotland with his mum, Roy is shocked when Cathy does nothing to dissuade him. In an an attempt to get Cathy to see sense, he tells her that Alex has known all along about Alan but didn’t want to hurt Cathy’s feelings. Will this be the push that Cathy needs to see sense and encourage Alex to stay?
BETH IS FURTHER ISOLATED BY HER FAMILY Beth is devastated when she heads off to court with neither Craig nor Kirk by her side. When Beth returns with a community payback sentence in tow, she begs Craig to come home claiming she misses him like mad. But can Craig find it in him to forgive and forget?
ELSEWHERE Aidan is impressed when Alya tells him she has the money to invest and they agree to be partners, but Sinead is hurt when Alya tells her that her services are no longer required. Aadi and Asha tell Tracy they’ll stop selling flowers at Dev’s if she dismisses Mary from the shop but Tracy refuses. But when Erica finds a clue which suggests where the twins have really been getting hold of the flowers, has she finally rumbled them?

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Anonymous said...

Oh please let Alex go and stay with his mum in Scotland! Come on Corrie, you've done your bit, enough is enough, he doesn't need to be a permanent fixture. Sorry, but he makes me (and many others) uncomfortable.

Following recent events, I can see Sharif running off with Sonia...Yasmeen is better off without either of them.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Someone at Corrie needs to accept that Cathy & Alex doesn't work. It might have been OK if Cathy was on her own and Alex was Aiden's troublesome younger sibling instead of Kate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both posters above! Why does Alex have to be Cathy's responsibility? He has a mother let him go live with her if he is unable to live on his own. Why on earth should Roy have to take him on? I realize that Alex has special needs but he is not very likeable at all. Would not miss him if he left.

coconno196 said...

I get that Andy wants to explore other career opportunities, but why is he showing folk his "novel" during his shift at the bistro? Or even worse, writing it when he's supposed to be at work?

Maricha said...

I don't see why it would be sensible for Alex to stay, when you get down to it what is he getting out of staying in Weatherfield that isn't available everywhere and he has a mother in Scotland. Cathy obviously wasn't his caregiver in the past or this would have come out before so how much does he need her or Roy?
That Alya storyline is terrible, if they want to keep the character, why make her hateful, if they want to get rid of her, why not just write her off with her good reputation intact so that she could easily be brought back one day.

Cobblestone said...

Because we never see Andy anywhere else but work (or the pub). But I don't know any writer who could possibly write with the distractions of the Bistro going on around him - I've just published my second novel and I almost always where earplugs in a room alone when I'm writing. Would be good to see Andy in his flat, struggling to concentrate on his book with Michael & Steph's routine disturbing him. New writers are usually greatly in need of reassurance though, so not entirely strange he would want to show it to people.


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