Sunday, 18 September 2016

Corrie Weekly awards for Sept. 12 - 16

Standout award of the week: Kirk. He's usually a goofy, gentle soul. His world and heart have been broken and Andy Whyment really showed his acting chops this week.

Monday, not Moanday award: Looks like Luke's weekend was better than expected!

Quick turn around time award: Faye posted a letter to the prison on Saturday. Monday morning's post seems to contain a visiting order.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf award: This time Sean is telling the truth, he isn't the snitch, but Billy didn't believe him.

Bleedin' Obvious award: "Happy Birthday, Sean" "You remembered!" The hat was a giveaway.

Rock and a hard place award: Bishop John.

Predictable award: Beth is still married to Darryl the Rat (the unfurry one, that is). You could see that coming a mile away.

Neil Armstrong award: One Giant Step (ahead in a new relationship) for Roy, is like One Small Step for the rest of us.

Walking Dead award: OMG Andy looks so good done up like a Zombie!!! I never expected to see a Zombie on the cobbles.

Lines of the week:
Caz "I never thought I'd feel like this again" (and that sounds like more than just 'I had a great weekend')
Todd to Billy "One day will be too late. And then you miss out" (that's true)
Sean "There's no point in being old *and* bitter" (you're learning)
Audrey to Maria "Maybe it's something you give off. You do seem to attract the gays, don't you? No offense, Sophie!"
Michelle "You know what they say about narrow minds and wide mouths, don't you?"
Kevin "I looked like Magnum P.I. in overalls!"
Billy "It's one thing being open minded. It's another thing facing mutiny in the flock|
Cathy "You know what they say, a change is as good as a rest and all that" Roy "An aphorism I've never quite understood, or, indeed, agreed with" (no. really?)
Phelan to Vinny "You better get your shears ready. Time to do some fleecing"
Todd to Phelan "Your poker face needs a bit of work, mate, I can see the fear in your eyes" (and it clearly was there, too)

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Anonymous said...

MUSICAL AMBIENCE AWARD. Love Action by the Human League. Played in Audrey's salon when Maria was explaining about the kiss from Caz

Anonymous said...

I agree Andy looked quite hot as a zombie(is that weird?). I'd like to see him given a decent storyline that involves more,than trailing around after Steph, who is increasingly treating him the way Michelle does Steve.

Peter said...

Andy's zombie costume looking amazing! He's even good looking when he's supposed to look dead!

Anonymous said...

Yes, give Andy a story of his own, at the moment he's very underused.

coconno196 said...

Totally agree that Andy makes a very sexy zombie. What are we like?! 😈

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