Friday, 16 September 2016

Kate Ford apologises for taking an illegal photo

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy Barlow in Coronation Street, has apologised for taking a picture from her car and posting it on Twitter.

This week, front pages of many UK newspapers were highlighting the danger of using a phone while driving.

Kate's car was stationary at the time of taking the picture.  But still, she's apologised after being blasted by safety campaigners for taking a picture from behind the wheel of her car while taking her son to school.

Kate posted the photo on Twitter last week, saying: 'Ah school run traffic how I've missed you'.

Yesterday, she said on twitter: 'I hope my mistake ultimately raises awareness and saves even one accident from happening. Thank you @Brakecharity for raising my awareness. Had no idea taking a photo on my phone whilst at stand still in car was illegal.'

Well, it is.  It's something I personally feel very strongly about too. Please visit Brake - the road safety charity

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C in Canada said...

If the car wasn't moving at the time then who cares.

Flaming Nora said...

C in Canada - it doesn't matter if the car was moving or not. It's still against the law, see:

I'm sure that all those who have had loved ones killed or injured by drivers texting or tweeting or calling with their phones care. As we all should, too.

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