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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 14 Sep

Wednesday 14th September
KIRK’S STUNNED TO DISCOVER BETH’S BIG SECRET Kirk finds Craig catching a bus to the prison. He tries to dissuade Craig from visiting his dad, for Beth’s sake, but Craig’s mind is made up. A nervous Craig meets his dad Darryl in the prison visits hall. Darryl’s every inch the proud dad and they get on famously, much to Craig’s delight. As their visit ends, Darryl quietly asks Craig to smuggle in some drugs next time. Craig’s aghast that Darryl’s just using him and refuses, saying he’s no rival for Beth’s husband Kirk. Darryl retaliates, spitefully revealing some home truths about Beth. Back at home Craig confronts Beth, dropping a bombshell that threatens to blow the family apart!
BILLY’S FORCED TO QUESTION HIS CALLING Billy orders Sean to retract his complaint to the bishop. Seething, Sean insists he wasn’t responsible. After a bitter slanging match Sean’s heartfelt words finally convince Billy his accusation was false. The Bishop’s sympathetic as he informs Billy that since Todd’s presence at the vicarage is causing disquiet among the congregation, he must leave. Billy rails at the injustice of being unable to have a proper love life within the church.
ROY TACKLES ALEX’S SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS Alex spends the night on Roy’s living-room floor as the sofa is too lumpy. Roy agrees to review the sleeping arrangements. But Cathy’s disappointed when Roy decides to purchase a sofa-bed for Alex, admitting to Anna she’d love them to share a bed.
ELSEWHERE Andy and Steph are planning a night out but when Robert moots replacing her with a more experienced manager, Steph cries off to impress him, leaving Andy frustrated.

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Anonymous said...

Looking like a fabulous episode

coconno196 said...

At last! Someone (Billy) is reprimanded for storming into someone's workplace for personal reasons. Much as I like Billy, the way he treated Sean was appalling and un-Christian. I also thought Sean played the scene rather well, quietly explaining why he wouldn't have done it, without his usual hysterics. Besides, it wasn't the person who "dobbed him in" who may cost him his job, but Billy himself for allowing Todd to stay when he knows it's against the rules.

Beth said...

I'm torn with this episode for a few reasons.

The Kirk/ Beth story has come as a surprise, so the lack of spoilers has been very nice and a bit of a 'gasp, shock' for once in a long time. However I do feel, why couldn't they leave just one happy couple on the street. Her shouting 'my Kirky' won't have the same ring to it now, which is such a shame - unless of course there is a further twist.... I'm hoping the new producer will be less forthcoming to the press as we've known far too much in recent years which has taken out much too much of the surprise element imo.

Secondly. Billy. What are they doing to him. Being a vicar isn't a calling for Billy. It's a job now. I've said before the storyliners aren't sure where they are with this and are just making it up as they are going along other than plotted it out months ago. You can tell as they morph Billy into somebody else for headlines. Billy would never have gone into a work place and shouted and ranted, nor treated people so badly. He was decent and kind. In real life he would have probably started drinking in another pub to spare Sean's feelings. We don't see him doing much church work either, only concentrating on the homosexual, pub drinking, vicar. He was brilliant with Sarah. Let us see him at work more, for us to understand his dilemma. He's dithering and should either stand up to the congregation with examples of scripture and acceptance, or resign. As much as I find Sean irritating, these last few weeks Sean has been the bigger person! So Billy is the most un Vicer like person I've ever come across for not standing up to anything he believes. A Gay vicar giving a sermon on tv for acceptance is far more powerful than charging into a workplace, or dithering. There's so much more to go with this story than how they are.

Anonymous said...

Have to say, I loved the references to The Walking Dead by Andy and Steph; Andy's make up was brilliant!


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