Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Cath Tyldsley hints at impending major fight

Catherine Tyldsley was featured on This Morning today and she revealed there's probably going to be an "explosive fight" between Eva and Maria Connor.  Eva, of course, doesn't know that her boyfriend, Aidan Connor, had a one night stand with Maria. Ever since her best friend, Kylie, died, Eva has been adrift and getting closer to Maria.  According to OK! online,  She told This Morning:

"Eva is unaware that Maria has slept with her boyfriend, Aidan Connor, and the two girls have struck up a close friendship.
Talking about the "awkward" storyline, Catherine said: "[It's] to the point where I'm getting the script and my toes are curling.
"It's getting SO cringey." 

The storyline will unfold over the next few months and the confrontation probably won't happen until the new year.

"I do believe it will be quite explosive - I can't wait!"

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