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Corrie weekly update - Tarts and Vicars and a Street Superhero

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Sally wins the election and becomes Independent Councillor Metcalfe of Weatherfield Council. While Sally gloats in the Rovers, Norris remains magnanimous in defeat and has a drink with Rita to drown his sorrows at coming second. Tim’s made up for his missus after her big win at the polls but soon regrets it after Sally gives him the cold shoulder. She swaps a bit of how’s your father with Tim upstairs in bed for a session of emailing the council instead.
At Audrey’s salon, new girl Gemma makes a show of herself. The only reason David and Kylie want her around is because she talks about Callum as if he’s still alive, and they want as many people to hear that as they can. Rita hears it, as does Audrey and when Gemma’s usefulness outlasts her welcome, they get rid of her. She comfort eats her way through a kebab in Prima Doner and as she’s munching on the meat, a couple of lads come in and give Chesney cheeky grief. Chesney’s not up to seeing them off with a flea in their ear – but Gemma is! And it’s not long before Dev agrees to give her a trial behind the counter as Chesney’s assistant. She’s wonderful Gemma, you either love her or hate her and I’m loving this one. In preparation for her interview with Dev, Chesney tells Gemma to flatter his ego. “You know who you remind me of?” she asks him. “Daniel Craig!”

Zeedan and Rana go on a date in the Bistro and announce to the Nazirs that they’re an item. An ex-boyfriend of Rana’s comes into the Bistro and tells Zeedan that Rana’s a two-timing trollop. Not even this bit of news can make Rana interesting to this fan, she’s sucking the life out of my telly screen every time she comes on.  I’ve been waiting, trying desperately to warm to her but so far, so cold.

Over at Eileen’s, Phelan gets his feet under the table, his bum on the sofa and his pajamas under her duvet. Well, when I say pajamas, you know what I mean. Yes, Phelan and Eileen are now together, in bed and in love. When Anna finds out she storms round to tell Eileen to be careful with evil Phelan and reveals what happened between them in the past. If you recall, Anna slept with Phelan in a hotel one afternoon as a way of paying off some debt of Owen and Gary’s, I think. Eileen doesn’t believe it, she doesn’t want to, of course, because Eileen is desperate and a sour, old nasty piece of work. Phelan tells Eileen another version of Anna’s story. He says that Anna wanted an affair with him and when he turned her down, she turned angry.  Eileen chooses to believe Phelan over Anna. She’s got a fella under her roof and that’s all she cares about. One in, one out, and she dumps Michael who drowns his sorrows in the pub.  Gail’s straight in there hoping for a reunion but Michael puts the dampener on any hopes, dreams and plans Gail might have of living happily ever after. “I don’t think so. Sorry, Gail,” Michael says as he stumbles out of the pub and Gail’s life.

At the Platt’s house, Sarah’s in a state as she can’t feel her baby moving. She confides in Kylie who takes her to hospital and Sarah has an ultrasound. Fortunately the baby’s okay and everything’s well. Sarah asks Kylie to be her birthing partner, and she agrees.  

Kylie, as we know, is leaving the show later this year and actress Paula Lane who plays her is giving some wonderful subtle performances of late. In her friendship with Freddie, the grieving widow of her salon customer Sadie, we can see Kylie really cares about the old man.  And Freddie is played by children’s TV presenter Derek Griffiths, who is a joy to watch. I love these scenes with Kylie and Freddie and am interested to see just how this pans out. 
“Is this a vicar and tarts party?” asks Jonny Connor in Underworld as Billy and Eva go on the hunt for missing Marta. The O’Driscolls have paid Underworld a small fortune for their order and the money hits the Underworld account. Meanwhile, Aidan refuses to believe that the O’Ds could be so cruel as to keep Marta as a slave in their mansion. And so Eva and Billy visit mansion O’D while Richie and Julia are out. They break into the house and determine to rescue Marta, who’s being kept locked up. We know she’s being locked up as there is A Clue in the form of a massive padlock on the outside of the door. Subtle it is not. Anyway, they try to get Marta to leave the house with them just as the O’Ds return to the house.  Richie throttles Eva and punches Billy and just when there’s blood flying everywhere, in comes Street superhero Underworld Boy to save the day.  Yes, Aidan Connor is the new Street superhero who punches Richie O’Driscoll around the chops, saves Eva and Billy and gets everyone home for tea. That is, after they’ve all been arrested and charged with assault (Aidan), breaking and entering (Billy and Eva) and keeping a slave (Richie and Julia).

And finally this week, there was a lovely scene when Norris and Rita were drinking in the pub. Norris told Rita he didn’t want to go back to an empty house, he misses Emily a lot. They spoke about Emily and both said they were looking forward to her return. Oh, I do hope she’ll be back.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Chris Fewtrell and John Kerr (Monday double); Mark Wadlow (Wednesday); Debbie Oates and Ellen Taylor (Friday double). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

Suddenly a woman who we don't know is dead and Kylie has a bond with her widower? Too contrived IMO.

Anonymous said...

actually I disagree - I am enjoying the scenes with Freddie & Kylie - she really is showing a depth to her character right now - both in the scenes with Freddie and also Sarah and the baby - thankfully a nice soft side to the rest of the todos going on. Unfortunately we all know she will be leaving soon so she will be missed. Hopefully they will be able to show us a really nice side to another character on the street - Eva??

Anonymous said...

I also like Kylie's friendship with Freddie as it's not a sensational or issue oriented storyline but a quiet human one like the storylines of vintage Corrie.
I'm disappointed that Sally won the election as she'll be more full of her own importance than she is now.Poor Tim!
It would've been a more interesting twist to see Sally handle defeat as gracefully as Norris did and have the other candidate win.

Anonymous said...

Now see I didn't think Norris handled defeat very well at all....he was like a sulky child.

coconno196 said...

I'm also loving the Kylie/ Freddie storyline. It's not a rehash of previous ones, and Derek Griffiths is believable and sympathetic. Pity about the "bacon sarnies" though - us folk from Lancashire say "bacon butties".

Glad the Marta story was resolved sensibly, with the soap police arresting the right people for a change.

Cobblestone said...

But Derek Griffiths is playing Freddie as a Londoner, at his own request. So 'sarnie' is fine. I too am really enjoying this developing friendship - such a pity Kylie's going to be leaving soon. I like this more mature take on her character.

Cobblestone said...

I didn't think he was very dignified either. Not did I think Sally was especially overbearing in victory - I expected her to be much worse. And after all the election build-up, they might at least have let us see the count, rather than just having it reported.

Cobblestone said...

What I want to know is, does Richie 'Demon-eyes' O'Driscoll wear evil contact lenses for this rĂ´le? I don't normally like to comment on an actor's appearance, but he seriously looks like something out of The Exorcist!

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