Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Coronation Street film another funeral - but whose is it?

Paparazzi pictures online today show Coronation Street cast members filming a funeral.  The Daily Mail have the pictures which are here.

The Mail say that the funeral will be that of Jason's dad, Tony Stewart.  We already know that Tony is being killed off, so that could well be correct.

Cast members pictured at the funeral filming include Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price),  Ryan Thomas  (Jason Grimshaw),  Bruno Langley (Todd Grimshaw), Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) and Connor McIntyre (Pat Phelan).

The service looks set to be conducted by Billy the Vicar, who is also in the pictures in his vicar's robes.

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Anonymous said...

Someone who seen the cast filming said it was Jason's dad

Surprised he's getting an on screen funeral seeing as he supposedly dies off screen

Zagg said...

This is so pointless and really kind of stupid in my opinion. To kill off a great character who could potentially come back now and then and add a lot, is storyline suicide. To kill them off screen is silly.
These writers really paint themselves into a corner with these decisions. It is very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

The fact of someone dying wont stop them. If Tracy can be brought back and possibly Callum, Tony could come back. All will look surprised like they saw a ghost. Turns out he was faking his death to get away from gangsters he owed (Joe McIntyre). Nothing too convoluted for Corrie fans.

Anonymous said...

Boo. Tony should come back and work with the Grimshaw boys to get Phelan framed for Collum's murder!

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