Friday, 11 March 2016

"John Prescott in Heels"

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott appears to be a fan of would-be councillor Sally Metcalfe. John's Twitter (@JohnPrescott) profile photo shows him and Sally with the hilarious Corrie quote from a recent episode "She's like John Prescott in heels" - and he's clearly delighted with the comparison.

The Street has become very political of late, to the delight of this Blogger, and now that Norris Cole is standing in the elections too, we should expect lots more debate and mud-slinging over the coming weeks.

Coronation Street has a long association with real-life politics and the Labour Party, with Tony Blair following in Margaret Thatcher's footsteps by visiting the old Quay Street set back in 2005.

More recently you may have seen John and other shadow cabinet members including Ed Balls dancing the night away on the set following Labour's annual conference in Manchester.

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Anonymous said...

And John Major was half brother to actress Jill Summers who played Phyllis.

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