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Coronation Street Weds 9th March episode review

Hello! As usual, it's Jordan with some Thursday thoughts on Wednesday's cobble drama.

As morning broke in last night's episode, an exhausated Sarah is walking Bethany to the bus stop, reluctant to believe her daughter's insistence that school finishes at lunchtime. While Bethany is finding the email to prove her honesty, they bump into Kylie who stays silent about her knowledge of Lauren and the school-bullies, much to Bethany's relief. In taking her ever-so-wise aunt's advice, Bethany vows to stand up to Lauren if she gives her any more hassle, by way of knocking her teeth out. With the early finish at school, the very stereotypical gang of bullies follow her home and make the usual insults and threats. It takes an intervention from unlikely hero Luke to get rid of the gaggle of clearly fifteen year olds.

"Get lost"
"But we're not doing anything. Whatever. We're out of here"

Over at the salon, Audrey has been lumbered with a tragic case sent by the Job Centre. A teenager with a hilariously bad quiff spends more time listening to awful music than sweeping up hair before Audrey finally dismisses him. Soon after, Bethany walks into the salon and throws her arms around Sarah and ends up confessing everything. It suddenly dawns on Sarah why Bethany has been skipping school so often. Naturally, she is horrified and decides to take matters into her own hand. Sarah's track record proves she has a habit of not thinking things through (that's what landed her with Bethany in the first place) and she storms round to Lauren's house in a fabulous fur jacket, almost breaking the door down with a single hand. Typically, the school bully tries to deny everything and her mother defends her. After learning that Sarah conveniently obtained their address through a school email, the mother calmly explains there must have been a misunderstanding and is going to get the school involved. Although I enjoyed the confrontational scenes, I am sure that Sarah's loudmouth maternal instinct may only make things worse. Instead of being calm and going about things in a logical sense, she simply went in all guns blazing. But hey- where would be the drama in being calm? That night, when Kylie and David treat Sarah and Bethany to a meal at the Bistro, the y reassure Bethany that whatever happens, it will be sorted. Sarah and Bethany then make a pact to have no more secrets from each other. Apart from, y'know, the body under the garage. Obviously.

"Don't you ever come near my daughter again!"
"Or what? You'll send her bodyguard around?"
"Oh, Luke's a pussycat compared to me"

If you've been reading my blogs recently, you'll know I am a big fan of the O'Driscoll drama but it was barely touched upon in last night's episode. I expect this is because it was just a Wednesday episode, which as I often say are only little episodes- a bridge between the high 'CONTINUES IN HALF AN HOUR' style drama of a Monday and a Friday. There was a brief scene in the Rovers where Eva is now working since  she was sacked from the factory. It has annoyed me how Eva has just walked into one job on the same day she was sacked from another. It just doesn't happen. But putting that aside, after an awkward bit of pint pulling for Aidan, Eva explains to Billy that she is going to formulate a plan to help Marta. I am with Eva on this one- it was very unsettling seeing Marta being taken back into the O'Driscoll mansion. If anyone can speak Polish, I'd love to know what they said to each other in Monday night's episode.

"She was frightened"
"So what we gonna do about it?"
"I don't know. But I'm working on it"

Elsewhere, the Pat/Eileen/Michael drama continued.  Michael tries asking Anna for some dirt on Phelan but she refuses to dish any, making it clear that she wants nothing to do with him anymore. Eileen still can't see any reason why Michael should have a problem with Pat. This is annoying me because Eileen is not a stupid woman; she's a tough matriarch who has had a history with dodgy men. She should be able to see through the angelic charade Pat puts on. Michael certain can, but even when he tries to confront him and tell him to stay away, Pat bullies him and boldly states that he is going nowhere, even treating us to a pantomime villain-esque laugh as he walks away. I don't 'get' this storyline. I like the antagonists that have a reason for being an antagonist. I can't see any particular reason why Pat is so nasty; he's just there for the sake of having a 'baddie'. Still, he is portrayed well and makes my skin crawl whenever he is on screen. But I am not keen on this cobbled together storyline, I'm just not Phelan it. Also, it has become apparent that Michael and Andy are now the father and son as originally intended, which in my opinion made the whole Gavin/Not Gavin/Actually Andy/Gavin's Dead storyline rather pointless and just a way of ending Gail's fifth marriage as quickly as possible as part of the running gag.

"I'm warning you-"
"Shut it. This only ends one way. You know it, I know it. So why don't you go back to being the spineless marshmallow? It's what you're good at. I enjoyed the chat. Ha ha ha"

We also got to see more of Rhana last night, a character who I was not sure about when she first arrived. I didn't like the way she was introduced. Supposedly a good friend of Alya's, she was never mentioned in the whole two years Alya has been on the Street. But she just oozes a kind of fabulous arrogance.  Last night, she cooked a meal for the Nazirs to thank them for letting her stay and also no doubt to get her claws further into Zeedan. She's a fun character with a lot of life, but she doesn't strike me as the kind of girl who would be a nurse. Maybe that's just me stereotyping though. Well done to Corrie for not doing so for once.

A good episode with some flat moments but a lot of great scenes too. Performance of the episode goes to Lucy Fallon as Bethany, a character who I have liked ever since she arrived back from Italy, but is only now really getting to prove what a fine actress she is.

As always, thanks for reading!


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Anonymous said...

Is that really Sarah's finger or some strange bent sausage on the end of her hand? :)
Also, I don't know if you've noticed but we've had regular time slots for Corrie all year so far - the last time Corrie was on on a different night was New Year's eve!

Anonymous said...

I wondered how could Sarah afford a fur jacket on a barmaid's salary?Or was it a hand me down from Liz?
I also think that shouting at the other mother won't help matters either.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's job in Milan seemed to pay pretty well; when she first returned she had all kinds of nice clothes.

Dolly Tubb said...

I'm warming to Bethany now she's abandoned the red lippy. And I agree with you Jordan about the Michael/Gandy father/son thing, it's a bit like the Michelle's Lost Son story, it all gets so complicated the writers seem to forget what the original point of it all is.

coconno196 said...

Rana is only a nurse so she can get a job on the Street at the Health Centre. Suppose it makes a change from the Faktry, Rover's, Dev's or kebab shop. It's also unlikely she'd have come across Alya at uni, with Alya doing Business Studies and Rana nursing.

modtl said...

Eva has been working at the Rovers part time since she came back but Liz couldn't give her the hours she needed because she'd hired Sarah in her absence so Eva got a job at the factory too. When she got sacked by Aiden she asked Liz for more hours and Liz said she could because Sarah would be giving birth soon (so I assume Sarah is close to be taking maternity leave).

Anonymous said...

"I am sure that Sarah's loudmouth maternal instinct may only make things worse. Instead of being calm and going about things in a logical sense, she simply went in all guns blazing."

There writes someone who was never bullied at school and doesn't understand the only message that these crafty thugs need.

Jordan Lloyd Beck said...

I was merely saying there are more sensible ways to go about things. Bullying a bully may not always be the answer.

Anonymous said...

Beth being bullied..sure. Biggest gob there is..I'd have pegged her for being the leader of the pack, that one. Good on her.

MartesBC said...

Lol, I'm not Phelan it either! Good line. if only he would use Charlie Stubbs old tools to be rid of Tracy!now that's purpose. But I suppose he will look into the true ownership of the business, find Charlie was survived by Shelly's child, who he will buy out... Somehow usurp Jason as the owner...and Shelly will come back with a civil suit against Tracy for support... Nah, On second thought, I like the Do-in-Tracy-with-charlie-stubbs-old-tools track better. A gal can dream...

Anonymous said...

I thought Owen bought the builder's yard from Bill Webster who then sold it to Tony for Jason to run - not sure where Shelly's child would be in that heritage line, but I am all for Tracy suffering at the hands of Charlie Stubb's old tools - now that would be sweet revenge.

Anonymous said...

In Jordon's defense I will say the writer has been bullied. We just witnessed it. Anonymous person commented with clear intention to put the writer down while telling the world how much more qualified he himself is over Jordon. Classic.

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