Sunday, 20 March 2016

Top 5 ways to make an exit from Coronation Street

With the news today that Michael Rodwell will be riding out of Coronation Street in his ice-cream van next week, let's have a look at some of the other ways you could make a memorable exit from the cobbles.

1. All guns blazing - and live!

Lloyd and Andrea left in style in the back of a classic car during the Coronation Street live episode 2015.  The live episode was to celebrate ITV's 60th birthday.

Watch the scene here:

2. With an air of mystery

When Elsie Tanner left the Street in January 1984, she ordered a taxi. Ghost voices and memories from the past echo around the cobbles as she waits for the taxi. The taxi driver then asks Elsie how long she was intending to be away from the Street.  Her reply? "Ah, now there's a question!"

Watch the scene here:

3.  Legging it
Kelly Crabtree's exit is one I remain very fond of.  "Where will you go? What will you do?" asks Janice as Kelly strides away up the cobbles. Kelly ignores her and just shouts to the rooftops instead: "I'm Kelly Crabtree! With the legs!"  And leg it she does, as the camera follows her up the Street and she disappears around the corner. 

You can watch the scene in the Youtube below, start around 8.20 and watch it until the end.

4. With a scarlet woman

Gloria Price left in a sports car at night so I'm not sure the sunglasses were necessary, but she did look good. The red head scarf signifying a scarlet woman as she drove away from the Street with somebody else's husband in the passenger seat.  Not content with nicking her husband, Dennis asked Gloria to slow the car down as they left the cobbles so that they could really rub salt into Rita's wounds. "Bye, Rita!" yelled Dennis. "Tek care of yourself."   Mind you, it wasn't long before he came snivelling back.

Watch the scene here:

 5.  In a cab, like a legend

There's only one way for a Street legend to leave the show. It has to be in the back of a cab. One of the best exits was Bet Lynch. She wanders the Rovers, it's empty, she's alone. She leaves the keys to her kingdom on the bar after Rita refused to loan her the money to buy the place and keep it going.

Watch the scene here.

Are there any more classic Corrie exits you would have included in your top five?

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MichaelAdamsUk said...

So glad you included Kelly Crabtree's exit. She was one of my favourite characters who is often forgotten about!

Anonymous said...

Since he's one of my favorite villains, I would like to add Richard Hillman's death in the canal.I think his death was one of the more dramatic and haunting ones in Corrie history.
I wouldn't include Michael's exit as unlike the others mentioned he's coming back like Tina before she was finally killed off.

Anonymous said...

Becky's deрarture was great! Also Lewis' revenge on Gail (and meeting lysette anthony at the airрort) ;)

Conversation Street said...

So many good Corrie exits to choose from. If we're talking 'leaving Weatherfield' rather than deaths, Lewis Archer's video message to Gail was one of our favourites in recent memory. As mentioned above, Becky's exit on the plane was pretty perfect too. We also enjoyed Natasha Blakeman's departure after telling everyone *exactly* what she thought of them.

Anonymous said...

sorry Lysette Anthony at the airрort was lewis' first deрarture :)

Anonymous said...

So sad Dennis ran off with a ladies' maid.

Anonymous said...

There is also the oft-used dragged off to jail in handcuffs (Jim MacDonald, Rob Donovon, Tracy Barlow).
Personally I liked the death of Mike Baldwin in the arms of arch-rival Ken. Hayley's deathbed scene was particularly well done.

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite was Lewis's video to Gail - now that was totally a shock and really funny - oh I wish we could get him back and perhaps give stodgy Ken a run for his money with Audrey, and pump some life back into her.

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