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Coronation Street Weds 23rd March episode review

"Now we've finally got something in common. We're both raising the same dead man's kids"

It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review - actually on a Wednesday for a change!

The Platts took centre stage again in tonight's episode, as we caught up with the latest member of the clan to pop out a Platt. A tired Sarah is lying in a hospital bed, being hovered over by Bethany and Gail; one is desperate to name the child Sebastian, the other desperate to skip school. Despite her previous doubts, it seems that Sarah has bonded effortlessly with the latest addition to the tangled Platt family. It is only later, when Bethany is discussing with Todd the necessity for apps over baby toys that yet another visitor turns up. However, this time it is an unwelcome one. It's Marion; the woman who we thought had been deprived of any knowledge of her grandchild. Sarah is taken aback and immediately tells her to leave, refusing to listen to anything she has to say. Marion pleads with Sarah to see reason, but unfortunately she won't budge. Sarah insults Marion bitterly and forces her to leave. No-one is surprised to hear that 'Rent-a-Gob' Gemma spilled the beans about the impending pitter Platter of little feet. Her mysterious phone call in Monday's episode suddenly makes sense.
"Could I be honest?"
"Could I stop you?"
"You look awful"

"Any woman who can raise an animal like Callum isn't fit to be a mother, never mind a grandmother"
"I did my best"
"Spare me - just go!"

After all that bedside drama, an exhausted Sarah falls asleep and wakes to find Bethany, cradling her baby brother in her arms. She has spent her day off school drawing up a list of potential baby names. It was rather amusing to see the ridiculous celebrity-based names she had confidently thought up, along with Sarah's horrified reactions, especially since her mother was desperate to name her after Britney Spears all those years ago. It is eventually decided, following one of Bethany's more sensible suggestions, that the newest victim of one of soapland's most outlandish drama families will be called Harry.  Not the name I was expecting, but if it's good enough for the boy wizard, it is good enough for a Platt.

"If it's good enough for Kimye..."
Again with the Platts - the matriarch of the family is once again using her simpering gail-force to try and get her claws back into Michael. Calling round to number 8 with baby gifts, Gail spots yet another opportunity to try and weave her way back in. When Michael presents her with a small gift for her granny flat, she acted as if she'd just been presented with an Oscar, bleating her way through a sugar-coated thank you. Michael explains that it is a gift of apology after he dashed all hopes of a reunion in Monday's episode. Over a cup of tea, Michael reveals to Gail that he is thinking about moving on. He wants to leave Weatherfield. This news is a blow to Gail and she takes it with great force. She blinks back the tears and brings up the point that they are still legally married. However, they both decide that that is a discussion best left for another day. I hope they don't leave it too late to divorce, though. With Michael gone, we'll need another feckless man to play husband number six.

"There's no easy way of saying this. I'm thinking of moving on, Gail"
Elsewhere, Councillor Metcalfe is not impressed with her husband's lack of effort as of late. He hasn't even fixed the fence he said he was going to last week and since they now have such an important position to uphold within the community now, this is obviously of the highest importance. He vows to do it  that afternoon, but he can't resist Tyrone's offer of doing the job for him. Tyrone, of course, gratefully accepts payment of £40 from Tim and one of his home-brewed beers. Unfortunately, Sally's meeting was cancelled and she arrives home early, dismayed at her husband's laziness. Tim pulls a cheeky face and slowly slumps down in his chair. If he's that much of a burden, Sally, I'll take him off your hands! Although the dominant wife has become an archetypal figure of Corrie now, I really do enjoy the this decade's Mr and Mrs Walker. Joe Duttine is fantastic as the husband who looks set to suffer under his wife for a long time to come.

"I think you've got some explaining to do. I don't appreciate being taken for an idiot"

Also, rather sadly- it looks as if the O'Driscoll drama is over. The aftermath of the suspense-filled storyline took a backseat in tonight's episode, but we learn that Underworld is manage to scrape by with a few orders and Aidan is rushed off his feet trying to keep the business afloat. At the very end of the episode, Eva visits him at the factory and uses her fabulous charm to arrange a business meeting with a potential new client over the phone. Soon after this, the pair passionately kiss just before the Corrie credits role. Maybe I'm being cynical, but in a way, this makes it look as if the entire O'Driscoll drama was a way to get Eva and Aiden together properly. I really hope this wasn't the case, but the end of what was my favourite current storyline was very anti-climactic. I would have liked to have seen the O'Driscolls sentenced to their fate. I am hopeful that we will see them again, but it seems as if they may have already have been forgotten about. Apart from a throwaway comment from Beth about them being 'banged up', we don't really know anything of their fate yet.

An enjoyable episode tonight. It will certainly be interesting to see the repercussions of Gemma's revelation to Marion and I particularly enjoyed the small comic scenes with the wonderful Tim.

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abbyk said...

apologies for any typos - using my android tablet from work and it's stuck in mini keyboard mode. Could really use a teenager right now. Grrrrr

Nice review, Jordan, but with 1 nitpick. You said new client. Hanson is an existing client with whom they may get some new business. I believe he is the middle aged guy in a wheelchair who has met Carla at the Bistro several tomes. Kinda stretches belief that Eva, who was a PA for 2 minutes could talk him round but Sally, who did the job for much longer and wants back in to the office, didn't think of it. Wish Aidan would get shirts that fit.

I'm loving nice Todd. This guy deserves a better job - wish there were some sort of paralegal or advocacy spot for him, even as a volunteer. Billy? Yasmeen? Anything?

Why is Gail so calm about the ruining of the kitchen Joe built for her? Grannex, Harry, two good choices.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree - why no reрercussions for Craig and Caitlin about the kitchen? maybe next eр...

Tvor said...

The kitchen cupboards can be painted. sorted. The washing machine may need a bit more industrial work.

I think Hanlon might be a softie when it comes to beautiful women.

Anonymous said...

Gail looks constipated of late. Can she not come up with another facial expression?

Anonymous said...

not sure about the poor tyke being stuck with the name Harry Platt - along with his dysfunctional family he also has a rather boring name, one that doesn't really inspire greatness. Can't imagine him running for political office.

abbyk said...

Tvor, if you would paint over those beautiful cherry cupboards, you are officially not invited to my mom's kitchen. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,[12;27What about Prince Harry?He's a man destined for greatness.
It seemed as though history was repeating itself as Sarah also threw out the Grimshaws after Billy was born.
Despite the fact she's Callum mum,I felt sorry for Marion who only wanted to see her new grandson and thought Sarah was unnecessarily cruel to her. I have no sympathy for Sarah who was warned about Callum from the beginning but dated him anyway supporting his bid to win custody of Max to spite David and Kylie.

Anonymous said...

Does Tim no longer have his window cleaning round? As a viewer in Canada all I ever see him do is hang around the cab office eating biscuits. I think he would be an excellent cab driver as he is obviously a people person.

Janada said...

Did anybody else think that when Sarah awoke to see Harry missing that Marion had taken him? I did, and since Sarah had already had one baby kidnapped (Bethany, by her mad granny Brenda Fearns), wouldn't there have been a more frantic reaction from her, even a couple of seconds worth?

Christine O'Connor said...

I like Marion,possibly because Susan Cookson plays her so sympathetically, and I hope we see more of her. Thought there was a reconciliation at Xmas when David helped her after the bag snatch. She'd certainly be a better Granny than Gail. Nor is it fair for Sarah to blame her for how Callum turned out because children are influenced by everyone they come into contact with, not just their parents.

Zagg said...

Sarah blaming Marion for how Callum turned out? Hello Mrs. Pot! How black is that kettle? Bethany is certainly NOTHING to brag about about. She is a horrible young woman. Mouthy, unbelievably disrespectful and a liar.Hmmm...wonder where she got all that from?
The way they are treating Marion is pretty awful actually.

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