Thursday, 10 March 2016

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Females - No. 22


Duration: 2008-2009, 2010-
Played by: Patti Clare
2012 character poll position (women): Not included

An eccentric spinster who was introduced as Norris Cole’s competition rival. 

A friendship developed and Mary was clearly smitten with Norris. Sadly, Norris didn’t reciprocate. 

After a brief hiatus travelling the world, Mary returned to the street and set up home in her motorhome on the cobbles. Mary was desperate for Norris to love her that she went to extreme lengths. She held him hostage while on a Brontë holiday in Yorkshire but Norris escaped. Mary finally came to the realisation that she would always be second to Rita in Norris’ eyes and she agreed on friendship.

Over the years, Mary has offered her services to many street businesses. She helps out at the Kabin and Roy’s Rolls and since 2013 she has become a full-time nanny to Aadi and Asha Alahan. 

Having been rebuffed by Norris, she then tried to woo Dev Alahan but had a rival in Julie Carp. But in 2015 she met Brendan Finch and they began a relationship. But sadly he was revealed to be married. Mary went on to have a brief fling with him but when they were confronted by his wife, Mary came to the realisation that Brendan would never leave his wife for her.

Are you a fan of Mary? 

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C in Cnaada said...

I wish they'd tell us whatever happened to her motorhome. They aren't cheap, so I doubt she'd just leave it at the impound for...what, over a year now?
Love Mary's character though, she's a good laugh and a good friend.

Anonymous said...

I love Mary. She's odd, but every street needs an oddball. I hope she does get a love of her life at some point. Everyone else has theirs...

Anonymous said...

I like Mary but only in small doses.

When she dominates the storyline, as in recent weeks, it can sometimes be too much of a not very good thing!

Rebecca said...

It doesn't seem like Mary has been around that long. I think she started when I was on my Corrie break. I like her and I especially like that she's not the typical Street newbie who sleeps with every man on the street. She wants a companion, and it's something deeper than a one night stand that she want.

maggie muggins said...

I mainly like the character of Mary. Even though she's not a typical young female who partner-hops regularly, most of her storylines have been about her and a man. Oy. I guess her main flaw, social awkwardness, plays into that too easily. It makes her look the butt of a joke too often unfortunately, I think her other qualities need shining light on more.

She's great with Dev's children, and a warm, protective friend to many. I loved her culinary culture nights at Roy's Rolls. More of that sort of thing please.

Just had a thought that they should have given her a more colourful name than (matronly) Mary. Colette maybe? And I'd love more of her back-story. And some visiting relatives. And is her mother alive or not?

coconno196 said...

I find her a lot less irritating than when she first appeared. I love her in the nanny role particularly. It's also refreshing to have a female character with some brains and education, and a broad cultural knowledge. There's plenty of scope for development, so I hope they don't just focus on finding her a bloke.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wish there was a like button in here so we could let people know that we like their comment. That said, I love Mary. She makes me laugh and wince almost at the same time. I think she is great with Dev's children. I hope she stays on the street forever.

Anonymous said...

Although the description of Mary might be factual, it doesn't really capture or do justice to the character. She's about a lot more than just a few romantic crushes. Mary, with her motor home, offbeat interests, and her motorhome, also provides the quirky humour to a scene. Her stories about her domineering mother are always weirdly funny. She can be intense, judgmental, and tactlessly honest, but she's also been a good friend, great with Dev's kids, and often just brings so much enthusiasm to any situation. Very entertaining.

Wim Lammens said...

I like Mary a lot, especially her one-liners and anekdotes about her mother.

Also, Mary is known to make my husband giggle discretely while he's sat at his computer, pretending not to take any notice of 'my' soap, bless him...

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