Sunday, 20 March 2016

Michael's leaving storyline revealed in Coronation Street

Farewell, Michael Rodwell and mind how you go.  Yes, Les Dennis has already left Coronation Street as he takes a break from the show to star on stage.  You can read more on that here.

But how will Michael leave the Street?  Well, we'll find out on Good Friday when he says his goodbye to Gail. 

But if you'd like a little preview, here it is... 

On Wednesday night next week, Michael turns up at the Platt house with a gift for Sarah's baby. He breaks the news to Gail that he is thinking of leaving Weatherfield. Gail hopes to change his mind but Michael believes he's been rejected by her. He then bids an emotional farewell to Andy and Steph and sets off in his ice cream van for Brighton.

When Andy tells Gail that she blew her chance to rekindle things with Michael, she's devastated, fearing she's lost Michael for good and will never see him again. This could mean that when Michael returns, it could be game on for Gail to go after her husband again.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a bit hyporcritical for Andy to say Gail blew her chance at reconciling with Michael when he was the one who committed identity fraud pretending to be Gavin but never encouraged Michael as Michael did with him to forgive Gail when she kept quiet to spare Michael the shock because of his heart fully aware that Gail never stopped loving Michael even when he was with Eileen.

Anonymous said...

And breathe ......................

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