Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Pics: Carla Connor's Coronation Street weddings

News today is that Carla is planning her wedding to Nick and it'll be held in the Bistro on the Coronation Street set.  Alison King has revealed some details about Carla's wedding and you can read the interview here.

Time then, I reckon, to have a look back in the archives at her past weddings.

1. Husband No 1 - Paul Connor
We didn't see this wedding on screen as Carla and Paul were already married when Carla turned up in Corrie in December 2006.  They wed in 1999. Paul died in a car accident with Leanne in the boot of the car.

2. Husband Number 2 - Tony Gordon
Carla wed Tony Gordon in 2008. He's dead now too.

Alison King was pregnant in real-life when she filmed Carla's wedding to Tony. Even the distraction of the groom in a kilt wasn't enough to distract us from her baby bump in her purple wedding gown.

3. Husband Number 3 - Peter Barlow

Brother Rob gave Carla away to Peter. On her wedding day, Carla got drunk and had to be escorted upstairs to bed. Downstairs, the groom helped himself to his babysitter and snogged Tina McIntyre.

4. Husband Number 4 - Nick Tilsley ?
Well, so far we know there'll be a wedding - but will there be a marriage? Soap weddings are notorious for not going to plan. And with Alison King leaving the show as Carla Connor, I wonder what the chances are of her becoming Mrs T?

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C in Canada said...

Loved Carla's dark dark hair - I wonder if they were trying to lighten her hair along with her image as she became less 'Cruella Deville-ish'.

Anonymous said...

I so wish they had given Carla a better exit story. After the Victoria Court fire (which happened less than a year ago) and Carla being wrongly blamed for it, the last thing we needed was another 'Tracy wants revenge' story. Yet here we are again with Nick and Carla's wedding being all about Tracy wanting to ruin Carla's life. For the hundredth time.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they have Carla kill Tracy. That would be a good exit for her.

carla glaza said...

Not forgetting she was also engaged to Frank, dead too of course :D

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