Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 16 March

Wednesday 18th March
SARAH IS ROCKED BY A PREGNANCY SCARE Sarah admits to Kylie she hasn’t felt the baby move all day and she’s scared that she’s lost him. Kylie insists they head straight to the hospital. In the hospital the midwife examines Sarah, will they be able to locate the baby’s heartbeat?
EILEEN LETS THE DEVIL INTO HER BED Phelan calls in the cafĂ© and suggests to Anna they should bury the hatchet and move on. Disgusted, Anna confides in Izzy how Phelan fed Eileen a pack of lies, making out they had an affair and painting himself as the victim. Izzy’s appalled and calls in the cab office, imploring Eileen to heed Anna’s warning about Phelan. But Eileen remains unconvinced and when Pat finds her in the Rovers and offers to buy her a drink, Eileen’s delighted. Eileen invites Pat back to No.11 where they kiss passionately.
IT’S CRUNCH TIME FOR NORRIS AND SALLY With the voting in full swing, Sally drags Tim out for a final day’s canvassing.
ELSEWHERE Dev interviews Gemma and at Chesney’s suggestion she panders to his ego. Having got the job, David’s taken aback to see Gemma working in the kebab shop and warns Chesney he’s making a big mistake. Aidan calls at the O’Driscolls to talk business with Richie. He clocks Julia behaving suspiciously and notices that one of the bedroom doors is bolted from the outside. Aidan reports back to Eva. Over dinner at No.6, Rana announces that she and Zeedan are now a couple. How will the Nazirs react?

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