Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Jenny Bradley and Johnny Connor film a date in Blackpool

Paparazzi pictures today come in from Blackpool where they show Jenny flaming Bradley with Johnny Connor on the seafront.

Jenny and Johnny shared a cheeky kiss and chatted on the seafront.

The MEN have the pictures here

We already know that Jenny and Johnny are going to become more than just friendly.   Let's hope it ends in happiness for them both, eh?  I like the sound of these two together and think it just might work.  What do you reckon?

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Anonymous said...

at first mention I wasn't too sure about this relationship, but after seeing the two of them together sharing a drink in the Bistro I am 100% for it. They are a wonderful couple. It is almost believable and truly a wonderful respite from all the other nastiness on the street lately. Please Corrie bosses give us some more light-hearted escapism and keep the great couples together. Enough of the doom and gloom.

Anonymous said...

I think they make a great couple. I am fond of the pair of them and in my humble opinion Jenny deserves some happiness. Bring it on!

MartesBC said...

I agree with both Anoms posted above. Hope what is written brings both characters along nicely. Who knows, Jenny might get promoted at the faktry... Watch out counselor Sally!

MartesBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MartesBC said...

For some reason my posts double up,which is why I remove many of my posts... FYI. Thanks.

Dime said...

Love this couple-great potential for stories.

Ancient corrier said...

Ooo! Looking forward to this, great match, hope they keep them together in happy ever after.

Anonymous said...

I love them together, but it does make me chuckle: Jonny & Jenny sitting in a tree...................... makes me think of a child's nursery rhyme.

C in Canada said...

I think that's a relationship that could work, and I think both characters would benefit from having some romance...they both seem lonely in that respect.

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