Thursday, 31 March 2016

Jenny Bradley saves a life in Blackpool tram drama

I am loving the sound of this! 

Remember when Jenny Bradley's dad Alan was killed by a Blackpool tram when he was after Rita? It's one of Coronation Street's classic storylines. And now it's come full circle.

Filming in Blackpool this week, pictures show Jenny Bradley saving the life of Jack Webster. In scenes filmed yesterday, Jenny grabbed little Jack just in the nick of time as a Blackpool tram thundered towards him.

You can have a look at the pictures at The Mirror.

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Anonymous said...

How come Jack and Kevin are in Blackpool at the same time as Johnny and Jenny? Bit co-incidental, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

It happens. It's only down the road from Salford. I also live in Salford, and have bumped into people I know in Blackpool, especially in busy times like when the lights are on, weekends and bank holidays. It's also one of the nearest seaside resorts to here, so it's feasible to meet someone you know

C in Canada said...

This must be Jenny's redemption storyline, and we'll never hear of her previous exploits again.
Corrie's attempt at wiping Jenny's slate clean?

Anonymous said...

Why is Jenny constantly saving Jack Webster? She finds him at the factory, she finds him on the tram tracks. Why is Jack Webster constantly getting away from Kevin? lol!

Anonymous said...

Here comes the famous Corrie triangle. Kevin and Jenny will get close again, cue adultery, cue who's the daddy. These writers attempt to 'shock' us murders, fires and tram crashes, but if they came up with an original idea, now that really would be shocking.

Anonymous said...

Sophie won't be happy about this development especially if her father befriends Jenny.
I also wondered the same thing that Anonymous[19;30]did.
For someone who stalked and harassed Jack's mother Molly about doing a DNA test on Jack [only to do one behind her back] because he didn't want Tyrone raising HIS son,Kevin doesn't keep a good eye on him.In fact the only time Jack is seen when he's in danger,the rest of the time his father is more concerned about his love life.

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