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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How should Carla Connor leave Coronation Street?

Whether we want it to or not, Alison King is leaving Coronation Street as Carla Connor later this year.

I will miss Carla a lot. She's the Elsie Tannner for the Twitter Generation. And as far as strong women on Corrie go, Carla's about all we've got at the minute. Apart from Sally, Mary, Erica and Liz.

I'm just waffling really. What I am interested to know is what YOU think about Carla's leaving storyline. What leaving storyline? I hear you cry. Exactly! We don't know how she's going to be written out and I hope we never do. I hope it's a surprise until her very last scene. Sadly, I don't think that'll happen as there'll be teasers and spoilers all over the shop. And you know how much I like teasers and spoilers. I'm quite fond of shops too.

But if you were in charge of writing Carla out of Corrie, how would you do it? She can't possibly leave in the back of a cab, I won't allow it. She has to go out on a high, she must, it's soap law.  Or will she go quietly and mysteriously with an unanswered question, just like Elsie Tanner once did?

Ah, now there's a question.

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Anonymous said...

Of course a massively strong character like Carla cannot go out on anything but a massive WHABAM!
Since there is no indication of Nick leaving the show, I assume they do break up, to which I say 'Meh'. I was never a fan of the two of them anyway, especially since TPTB forgot that they'd worked together at Underworld and hated each other's guts.
Carla needs to leave with her head held high, on her highest of heels, with her largest of handbags, leaving Nick in the dust, after giving Tracey and Tracey's life good shredding.

Humpty Dumpty said...

As Alison King is leaving in the new producer's term of office (probably), it could be that Carla's exit is part of a wider shake-up. As we haven't heard anything either way about Ben Price, my suggestion is:

Tracy attempts to kill Carla after all her plans are thwarted. Nick intervenes and kills Tracy. He is convicted of involuntary manslaughter - not sure what his sentence would be. However, all is forgiven between Nick and Carla, and they go to a new life which may or may not include prison.

Anonymous said...

I would go for.

Tracy doesn't let things go even if it looks like she might. She is planning revenge on the wedding day. But someone close to Carla finds out. Johnny perhaps or Aiden? Whoever then alerts Carla and they come up with a plan to get their own revenge and stop Tracy. Things go too far and Tracy is left for dead. She wont die (unfortunately) Nick and Carla will get married. The police will eventually come knocking and Carla will be arrested. The truth all comes out with Nick finding out and she will end up in prison. She may well be pregnant and Nick will eventually have to bring a baby up on his own.

I refuse to see her go in a taxi. In needs to be big. Unless they kill her off.

Anonymous said...

I hope she does what everyone else wants to do--

walks in to the Bistro, shoots Tracy B. in a hail of gunfire, walks over and places a 5" stiletto heel on Tracy's neck, shoots her point blank in the head, turns around, walks out and throws a hand grenade behind her when she reaches the door.

THEN she gets in a taxi after looking at the fire. A slight smile moves her lips.

Too much?

Anonymous said...

I should have added this to the above scenario...Phelan gets caught in the crossfire.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I think the kind of exit Elsie had would be wonderful to watch again if TPTB were brave enough to recreate it for Carla.

I'd like a scene with Carla looking back at Underworld- then all the voices from her past start playing over in her head (which we also hear). The original Connors like Paul and Liam's voice would play first - I would imagine it would be bittersweet for Carla and moving for us viewers. We should also hear the villains like Tony Gordon and Frank Foster who tried and failed to destroy Our Carla. Then we could hear Hayley and Roy who Carla adores, and then her father, brother and sister. And finally, Peter and Nick.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[15;o5]I loved your exit scenario for Carla!It's just what Tracy deserves!
How ever Carla leaves, I want to see Tracy's life destroyed as well and not being allowed to get away with it!
Poor Michelle,when Carla leaves she won't have anyone to drink win with and tell her she's 'too good' for Steve.

Anonymous said...

I think a fighter like Carla would leave having the last laugh. That said she is also not a nasty character though she does make bad choices and when she is angered can lash out. She does not care for children and the only thing that can crush Tracy is the loss of Amy. She kidnaps Amy and forces Tracy to confess all about the fire, and the rest, to the whole street as well as the police. Amy is released into the arms of Liz or Steve. With a hug from Roy she sets out to start up again in LA, throwing a pathetic look at Nick as though saying "you missed out, big boy."

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anon. 16:54. Carla needs to leave with her head held high, off to better things, perhaps a new business in LA. And yes, she should destroy Tracey in the process. What she must NOT do is die or go to prison. We want the possibility of the "strong" Carla returning. A Becky-type departure (minus the man) would do just fine.

Anonymous said...

Like Anonymous (15:05), I think Carla should go out in a hail of bullets and hand grenades and take the likes of Tracy Barlow with it. Then calmly walks off into the sunset giving everyone else the finger.

Seriously, they've ruined Carla by making her Tracy Barlow's bitch and they may as well go all the way.

Now that would be shaking things up.

(And yes, Pat Phelan getting caught in the crossfire would be a bonus - hate that man!)

Anonymous said...

Sadly the writers are all about recycling story lines. So that likely means Carla will get really wasted drunk, do something to ruin Tracy's life and then stagger and fall off a rooftop to her death (or just land on a car, or get her head stuck in the railing).

The.HR.Doctor said... a strait-jacket and prone on a stretcher.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Carla fan, but i think it would be a great storyline if she either kills tracy and gets caught and sent to prison, or if she gets murdered, or almost murdered and leaves.


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