Sunday, 13 March 2016

First-look pic: Sarah goes into labour on Coronation Street

Here's a preview picture from ITV showing a scene from Coronation Street on Monday 21 March.

Todd bumps into Sarah who’s been shopping for the new baby. Moved by the reminder of their past, Sarah gets emotional so Todd steers her into the flower shop. As Todd talks fondly of their late son Billy, Sarah suddenly has a contraction and panics that she’s five weeks off her due date.

Leaving her with a reluctant Tracy, Todd charges off to fetch help. As Sarah’s contractions intensify she’s relieved when the ambulance arrives, and Todd with David.

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1 comment:

Zagg said...

I am really not looking forward to this new baby story. We all know what will happen as with all Corrie St. babies....after a short while we will never hear about it. They will ship it off to someone or just stop talking about it and we are to assume it's in a creche far far away. It really is a pointless story line that will go nowhere and has done nothing but make Sarah look stupid and irresponsible....again.

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