Sunday, 20 March 2016

Shayne Ward has his Coronation Street contract extended

Shayne Ward, who plays Aidan Connor, has had his contract renewed to stay on Coronation Street.  According to the Daily Mirror, they say they are exclusively revealing the fact that Shayne will be staying in Corrie until at least July 2017.

As is the norm, an ITV spokesperson says they cannot comment on cast contracts.

If he is staying on, then I'm very glad to hear it. I'm enjoying Aidan Connor and Shayne Ward's performance too.

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Anonymous said...

He's the member of the Connor family I'm the least keen on.

I infinitely prefer Johnny and Kate.

That said, he did win best newcomer at the NTAs so, it!s no surprise to hear his contract has been renewed.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! He is a bright spark on our corrie when we're losing so many regulars.

Anonymous said...

I really like him, although I am a bit disappointed with how the writers are portraying him lately - hopefully with the Marta/O'Driscoll storyline almost over we can return to the gorgeous guy with a twinkle in his eye, rather than the poppycock they have turned him into. He & Eva are great together - so put them back to having fun.

Joseph said...

Shayne Ward has really surprised me with his acting. I guess there has to be an exception to the rule that stunt casting doesn't work and this is it! From what I've seen of Corrie lately (not a lot admittedly), Aiden and Eva seem to be the bright spots of the show. Hope the writers keep them together. And it helps that Aiden isn't bad to look at! (understatement)

vintgal003 said...

*** Excellent ** Shayne!! Well done Corrie!

Anonymous said...

You must all see something in Aidan I don't: I find him dull and unconvincing as a character.

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