Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 9 March

Wednesday 9th March
THE TRUTH COMES OUT ABOUT BETHANY When Lauren and her gang confront Bethany on the street, Bethany follows Kylie’s advice and does her best to stand her ground. Spotting the bullies, Luke wades in telling them to get lost. Luke leads a tearful Bethany to the salon where the Platts listen in horror as Bethany admits she’s being bullied and that’s why she’s been avoiding school. Vowing to sort Lauren out, Sarah pays her mother a visit. In the Bistro, the Platts rally round Bethany. Grateful for her support, Bethany hugs Sarah, promising there’ll be no more secrets.
MICHAEL’S RELATIONSHIP LIMPS ALONG Michael arrives back from hospital and for Eileen’s benefit, shakes hands with Phelan telling him no hard feelings. But he later confides in Gail how he doesn’t trust Phelan and is convinced he’s trying to lure Eileen away from him. Outside, Michael heads over to Phelan and tells him to stay away from Eileen and Jason. But will Phelan take his threat seriously?
RANA COOKS UP A STORM Rana thanks the Nazirs for letting her stay the night and insists she’s going to cook a meal for them by way of thanks. Rana serves up a lovely meal at No.6. Sharif and Zeedan are clearly smitten whilst Alya can’t help but admire her friend’s shameless schmoozing.
ELSEWHERE Eva continues to fret about Marta, convinced the O’Driscolls aren’t all they seem. When Aidan makes to argue, Eva accuses him of putting his bank account ahead of Marta’s welfare.

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Anonymous said...

Credit where it's due, the last few episodes have been excellent and back to what I remember Corrie being good at. Good dialogue, witty one liners. The odd scene that is just purely conversation based for the heck of it, you know it doesn't add to any plot but it enriches the episode. Hopefully this is the new trend. It seems sharp and classy again. Obviously there are some stories I don't like, Tracy/ Carla, Bethany/ Bullying and the awful way Jenny's mental health is tossed about and abused by the residents. But there's more to praise than to criticize which is a lovely change.

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