Thursday, 24 March 2016

A new baby Barlow in Coronation Street?

Tracy Barlow looks set to have a pregnancy scare in Coronation Street.  Radio Times reveal that the already rocky relationship between Tracy and Robert looks set to take a fresh twist next month when she reveals she might be pregnant.

Ah, but is she?

She tells Robert she thinks she's expecting his child and he insists she takes a pregnancy test.  Will it be positive and is there a baby Barlow on its way? Or it is just Tracy being manipulative trying to win over Robert?

She tells him she knows about his afternoon delight with Carla at the casino. Not only that, she also tells him she used the information to get control of the Bistro from Nick.

Robert's furious when he finds out, and that's when Tracy tells him she might be up the duff and in the club with his child.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Some fans might rush to Tracy's defence, claiming that contraception can fail except ... It's not that long ago that she 'really thought' she was pregnant with Ryan's child. Whether it's pretence or real this time, it's another recycled storyline. And to those who say that Tracy's authentic in that some people never grow up. Well, that's why the character is so boring these days.

C in Canada said...

Tracey never left off being the petulant teenager Humpty Dumpty.
I'm almost past caring what happens to her.

Anonymous said...

I guess we keep getting the same old plotlines wrapped up in different paper & ribbon. Although the street would probably be quite boring without Mlle Barlow, please come up with some original storylines for her.

abbyk said...

Hormonal Tracy, ugh.

How bout this original story: Lose Robert to deciept. Lose the baby. Go out of contol. Lose custody of Amy. Leave town.

Anonymous said...

Instead of Tracy leaving town,I think it's time she should be killed off and Amy having a kinder role model in her father.
It's ridiculous how other characters leave due to 'lack of storyline'but because she's a Barlow,Tracy gets to stay in recycled storylines?
If she does lose the baby,I wonder who'll she falsely accuse of causing her to miscarriage as she did with Becky[and Deirdre knew the truth but kept quiet] when she was pregnant with Steve's twins?

Anonymous said...

Has no one on this street ever heard of birth control? Come on another pregnancy please. High bloody time someone did the Corrie fans world overa tremendous favour and kill her off!

Anonymous said...

I am also past caring what happens to this character.

Zagg said...

When in doubt and out of ideas.....PREGNANCY! Yeesh, this is so old and boring now.They should be embarrassed for even thinking about this.

MartesBC said...

I think ROBERT should get pregnant...then we can wonder if it is Tracy or Carla's baby!or his ex wife? Now that would be different!

Anonymous said...

The question that comes to my mind is now that Robert knows the truth about Tracy's blackmail to get the bistro,will he do the right thing and return ownership to Nick?

Anonymous said...

Despite seeming like a good guy in the beginning, Robert now seems like a nasty piece of work who'd never concede to Nick - he'll keep the Bistro no matter how he got hold of it.

I suppose we can take some heart - Tracy could die (horribly and painfully) during childbirth. See? Silver lining.

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