Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Alison King reveals Carla's wedding details

There's a good interview with Alison King, who plays Carla Connor, at the Radio Times website.  Alison says she's "ready to say farewell to Carla" and reveals she's experiencing a mixture of emotions in the run-up to her exit.

"I feel calm, a bit sick and excited. For me, it's about saying goodbye to some amazing people who I love working with, both cast and crew. I am ready to say farewell to Carla, but I will miss everybody here."

Her leaving storyline is still a few months away. "I'm not entirely sure of the details as yet. It's a good few months before we even film my leaving story. At the moment, I'm working on the scripts that build up to it, so I'm intrigued as to how it's going to play out."

However, she does give hints about Carla's wedding to Nick. She says: "Well, it's going to be quite understated - it is her fourth time so it's more low key.

"But I'm thrilled it's going to be at the Bistro, so we don’t have to be on location for days! But whilst the wedding might be understated and low key the drama definitely won’t be."

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chacha leo said...

Going to miss you, Carla. much luv!

Lorna said...

Great interview. Thanks for posting!

Understatement to say I'll miss Carla and Alison King on Corrie.

C in Canada said...

I don't blame her for being ready to say farewell to Carla - with all the drama that woman has gone through, Alison King must be exhausted.
Best of luck to her in whatever project she does next.

Anonymous said...

Alison on the same page as most of the viewers. Carla should tell Nick and tell Tracy to sod off. Will miss Ali King but no wonder she is leaving. The amount of drama Carla has gone through must be exhausting to film. Robert being full owner of the Bistro also makes this story 10x worse.

Anonymous said...

Is coronation Street as a business broke? Why are they not sрlashing out on off-site locations? the Bistro is so dark and moody, why would anyone want to even eat there let alone have functions there! The residents should be seen to at least leave the street every once in a while, or do they fear that they might droр off the edge of the Earth if they do?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss her tremendously and I have serious doubts if the street will ever go back to it's full glory without her. Yes, we have had periods when she was gone to LA, but we always knew she was coming back. Now, not so sure. I just really hope that they don't kill her off thereby ruining any possibilities of a return in the future. She deserves an excellent send-off - something along the lines of Lewis. That was priceless.

Anonymous said...

Will she dare white at her wedding?

Carrol from Canada said...

I too will miss Carla.
I hope she kills Tracey, because I am sick of her and what she gets away with. Then Carla could leave and we would be happy she killed the wicked witch.
I can't believe the writers expect us to believe that Carla would be black mailed by Tracey. Tell Nick the truth and have the last laugh on Tracey.

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