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Corrie weekly update - crutches, crushes and a bendy finger

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“Feelings, nothing more than feelings,” sings Phelan, a man happy in himself but upsetting everyone else. Andy overhears Phelan on the phone and thinks he’s trying to flog Jason’s tools that might be worth a bob or two. But what Pat’s really doing is arranging to have them cleaned and polished. It makes Andy look a fool for suspecting the worst, but he’s already gone and told Michael what he’s overheard. Michael’s on the warpath for Phelan after he’s been chatting up Eileen. And so when Michael goes charging round to the builder’s yard to blame Phelan for stealin’ tools, Phelan threatens him and Michael has a heart attack. He falls backwards down the steps and is rushed to th’ospital before being discharged. Michael’s then put on crutches and Eileen’s on a crush with Phelan who’s no longer “trying to forget my feelings of love”. He tells Eileen he fancies her and she clearly fancies him because a) he’s a bloke and b) he’s alive. Michael simpers over a pint in the Rovers after being dumped by Eileen and Gail wonders how soon is too soon to make a right show of herself by trying to win her husband back. It’s left to Audrey to put her daughter straight. “This might come as a bit of a shock to you Gail, but he’s not that much of a catch.”
Over at the salon, the jobcentre send a quiff with a boy called Josh underneath it on work experience with Audrey. But Josh is too much, too thick, “too relevant for this place” even if he does have good hair. Audrey gives him short shrift and tells him not to come back. Then comes Callum’s old mate Gemma fresh from the jobcentre to replace too relevant Josh. No-one wants Gemma working in the salon, knowing what they know about Callum being under the concrete and very firmly dead. However, when Gemma lies and says she’s recently spoken to Callum, David tells his gran to keep Gemma on.  He reckons that as long as Gemma can convince people that Callum’s still alive, even when he’s dead and gone, that can’t be a bad thing for the Platts.
There’s a hustings in Roy’s Rolls and Sally and Norris go head to head with A.N.Other person who they’re competing against, but who’s said nowt, yet.  Sally’s still sanctimonious and has no point of view while Norris is more eager and keen to win, not least to wipe the smile off Sally’s face.  At the hustings, Jenny flaming Bradley lets slip that Tim told her he’d once spent the night in the cells after being arrested at the London poll tax riot. It’s news that shocks Sally family values Metcalfe to the core until she spins the story and makes Tim out to be Ghandi and Martin Luther King all rolled into one.

Bethany’s being bullied at school and confides this to Kylie who gives her some advice based on her experience. When Sarah finds out she’s straight round to see the mother of the bully and gives her what for. An excellent scene, made better with the inclusion of Sarah’s incredibly bendy finger. And that’s something I’ve never said in a weekly update before.

Billy the vicar and Eva find Marta sleeping rough. They take her back to the O’Driscoll’s house who tell Billy that they’ll send her back to Poland to her family. However, Eva’s convinced she later sees Marta through the window at the O’Ds house.  This storyline should be gripping me, but it’s failing and I’m not entirely sure why.  What I do know is that Mr and Mrs O’D are horrible people who live in a horrible house.

Rana still hasn’t settled in. Every scene she’s in she’s all hair and come-on to Zeedan and it’s beginning to bore.  I’m still waiting for her arrival to make sense, for a storyline to start and her acting to calm down just a touch.

And finally this week, Kylie goes to see one of her clients at home to do her nails. Sadly, the lady has passed away and it’s her husband who has called Kylie in. He wants his dead wife’s nails and make-up doing, just as Audrey used to do for Archie Shuttleworth, you’ll recall.  Anyway, the widow is called Freddie and he’s played by Derek Griffiths, best known for Play School and Play Away when I was a girl. It’s a pleasure to have him in Corrie.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Michael's suspicions about Phelan seems similar to me anyway of Norris' suspicions of Richard Hillman and just like Emily did not listen to Norris ,Eileen is not listening to his warnings.Perhaps she and or Jason will suffer the same fate that Maxine Peacock did and that Emily almost did?

Anonymous said...

We live in hope, Anon, we live in hope.

Rapunzel said...

Why is Phelan interested in Eileen anyway?

Todd is also suspicious of Phelan - will be interesting to see whether Phelan can dispose of him as readily as he did with Michael.

Speaking of Michael, isn't Les Dennis taking a sabbatical sometime soon? Wonder whether he will reunite with Gail before or after that.

Tvor said...

Phelan has lost everything. He sees Jason's business as a way to get started again. That's why I think he's sucking up. He wants to get his hands on Jason's business and Jason's mother, which will also give him a place to live. That's my theory.

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