Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Females - No. 18


Duration: 2010-
Played by: Paula Lane
2012 character poll position (women): Not included

Introduced when her sister Becky McDonald tracked her down and helped her regain custody of her son Max. But Kylie sold Max to Becky and Steve in fear that she couldn’t handle motherhood.

She was re-introduced the following year after a whirlwind engagement with David Platt in Tenerife. Much to the horror of Gail and Audrey, Kylie and David married and they won back the custody of Max. 

When first married to David, Kylie had a thieving streak. She tried to get David to steal Audrey’s salon from under her nose. Kylie matured as she was accepted into the Platt family. She set up a nail bar in the salon which she still runs to this day.

In 2012, after an argument with David, Kylie had a one-night stand with brother-in-law Nick Tilsley. When she realised that she was later pregnant, the question of who was the father was a conundrum. Lily was born in 2013 and after a paternity test, Kylie was relieved when it revealed that David was her father. 

Max’s behaviour worsened in 2014 and he was diagnosed with ADHD. Kylie struggled to cope and turned to ex-boyfriend Callum Logan for drugs. She became addicted and this strained her marriage to David. When David told her to leave the Platt home on Christmas Day she didn’t return. It was months later that David found her and they slowly rekindled their relationship, but Callum was now a thorn in the family’s side. Everything came to a head when Kylie killed Callum when he attacked Sarah. 

At the moment, Kylie, Sarah and David are living with the secret of Callum’s death and that fact that Kylie is a murderer.

Are you a fan of Kylie?

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fendawg said...

Love Kylie, and will be gutted to see her go. Paula's done an amazing job in turning Kylie from a pretty unpleasant character to one of the most warm-hearted, enjoyable characters on the Street

Anonymous said...

Strictly speaking, Kylie is not a murderer, as murder involves premeditation. This was a spur-of-the-moment action to save Sarah, so it would be manslaughter - and not in self defense, but in defense of Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Great actress but this character's rating in the poll beggars belief. Philosophically speaking, Kylie committed murder but it was for a socially acceptable reason. She intended to kill Callum, in defense of Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Sarah,there better not be a smile on her face if and when Kylie is arrested for Callum's 'murder' as Kylie killed Callum to save Sarah who dated him despite Kylie's warnings and lured him to the house in the first place.
I also will miss Kylie and think it's a shame Sarah will be in her place.

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