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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Coronation Street Weds 16th March episode review


As usual, it's Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

Last night's episode started off at number 8, where Sarah expresses her baby worries to Kylie, who tries to reassure her that the baby is simply having a lie-in. After losibg baby Billy way back in 2004, she naturally jumps to conclusions and fears the worst She hasn't felt the baby move for a while. Seemingly glued to the kitchen, she ignores a phone call from Liz and she turns on the taps- I mean, the tears. A concerned Liz asks Kylie if she knows why Sarah hasn't turned up for work and when Kylie goes to check, Sarah adamantly declares that she has lost her baby- just like the last time. A trip to the hospital, however, proves that all is well with Sarah's first pregnancy as an adult and she turns on the taps of happiness. All the panic was just a false alarm and seemed a little contrived to me. By the end of the episode, they are perched on the sofa with cups of tea when Sarah asks her sister-in-law to be her birthing partner. She could have just asked her this. I think the baby-loss drama was a little unnecessary. However, I love the somewhat unlikely friendship that Sarah and Kylie have; all it took to bring them closer was murder.

"I really do want this baby. I'm just gonna do everything I can to keep him safe. It's the dad I've
got a problem with. Not the baby"

The performance of the episode for last night undoubtedly goes to Dolly Rose Campbell as Gemma, who since returning last week has managed shake up the Street in the way it needed. Having talked her way into a job interview at the kebab shop in Monday's episode after scaring off some thugs, she bursts into the shop bright and early, eager to impress. Dressed in what I assume Gemma would call formal wear (a hoodie and the quintessential hooped earrings), she is desperate to prove she is the ideal (and seemingly only) candidate for the job. Chesney advises that she flatter Dev and laugh at his corny jokes. She does just that when the interview doesn't seem to be going well- claiming that the amount of kebabs she has eaten qualify her for the job. The interview seems to improve when she compares Dev to Daniel Craig and she gets a trial. Later that afternoon, the hysterics continued as she passionately swung round a carving knife when explaining to David that she is so much better off working in the kebab shop than the salon. I can't put it into words how much I love this character. Gemma is brash, hilarious and I can definitely see room for a soft side- everything Corrie needs. She is probably the best thing to come out of the Callum storyline and I truly believe that she is a good person who I would quite happily watch on the Street for years to come.

"Well, I've eaten loads of kebabs. Y'know, when you're out on the lash and you're
absolutely squinted, nothing hits the spot like a Donner"
"Do you often get 'absolutely squinted'?"
"Only at night"

 We were also lumbered with even more of the Phelan drama last night. In Monday's episode, Anna bravely confessed all to Eileen about her experience with Phelan but she stupidly refused to believe it. Izzy is enraged to hear this from Anna and turns up at the taxi office in an attempt to knock some sense into Eileen. She does manage to provoke some thought, but ultimately Eileen decides to stick by Phelan. When it seems that she has done the right thing and got rid of him, he turns up at her house and talks her back round. Again. Her stupidity is then sealed with a kiss. Is Eileen really that desperate for a relationship that she would develop feelings for Phelan? Although her relationship with Michael was a blatant attempt to fuel the fire of her legendary feud with Gail, it made a bit more sense than her sudden infatuation with Pat Phelan. I really don't think Eileen is the type of character who would work in a solid, settled relationship. She's a tough, matriarchal figure- a character who I love and who is played marvellously, but she seems to have gone through a bit of a personality change recently.

"What? I just fancied an olive"
"Not pregnant, are you?"
"Chance would be a fine thing!"

It's election day and our pal Sal is getting nervous. In typical Sally style though, she berates her hunk of a husband (as he rightly puts it) for not dressing formally enough for the press, should they be at the election. It turns out that quite a few of the residents have been voting for her. Wouldn't you? She is certainly a far better candidate than Norris.  I certainly hope that Sally wins the election. It will make for several laughs. Elsewhere- and here comes another whinge- Zeedan and Rana decide to announce to the Nazirs over yet another dinner that they are now an item. Or rather, the domineering Rana decides to blurt it out. The Nazirs give their support almost instantly- to a couple who have had no time to develop an attraction to each other whatsoever. In the space of a couple of weeks, they have met each other and started a relationship. While I like the character of Rana, I don't really buy this storyline. I don't know where it's going. And I still do not believe that Rana would ever be a nurse.

"Anna said she's gonna vote for you and she doesn't even like you!"
"Yeah, there are lots of people out there that'd vote for you that don't like you"

And to finish off, I must touch upon the slight continuation of what is one of my favourite current storylines- the O'Driscoll drama. Aidan is at the mansion for another meeting and on his way out is hearing all about the forthcoming posh trip away. It is then that he notices Julia put a padlock on a bedroom door. The scene was very short, but is certainly one of the most haunting that I have ever seen on Coronation Street. I was taken aback immediately. Aidan somewhat reluctantly tells Eva all about it and even tells her that the O'Driscolls are going to be away for a few days. I am very much looking forward to Friday's episode. The only thing that bothers me is that Julia so blatantly put a padlock on the door; she didn't hide it in any way at all. Everyone knows that when keeping someone hostage in your house, you do it discreetly. Unless, of course, you're simply allowing a storyline to progress.

A little bit of a bridge episode if I'm honest, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Fantastic comedy from the fabulous Gemma, a few giggles from Our Pal Sal as usual and brief but brilliantly sickening moment of dramatic tension.

As ever,

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Anonymous said...

Eileen must've gotten into that same Koolaid as Gail and jumped aboard the idiot train...can't stand watching her and Phelan.

Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking that they have changed Eileen's character to fit the storyline rather than vice versa. Maybe she would not have believed Anna's version, but to hear the same from Izza and still ignore all the warning signs? Eileen has dated enough lousy men that surely she would think twice before getting involved with a man like Phelan. Heck, wasn't she the first to warn Liz about Tony - even though they hadn't dated in years?? I'm not buying it. I'm not crazy about the Rana/Zeedan storyline either - too rushed - obviously Rana has an ulterior motive and all is not as it seems, but at least it gives the Nazirs an opportunity to be on screen. same with the O'Driscoll's/Marta bit - probably won't end well.

Anonymous said...

Sarah didn't have a miscarriage in 2004. Billy was born alive and lived for around a day before he died.

John said...

Best line from your review - "Everyone knows that when keeping someone hostage in your house, you do it discreetly."


Tvor said...

Sarah's worry about the baby is understandable. Baby Billy was born prematurely and she was under a lot of stress at the time finding out that Todd was gay. She's under stress this time too, over the whole Callum thing. She's terrified she'll lose another child.

I don't buy the Rana and Zeedan relationship either. It feels like she can't be without a man dancing attendance on her, she's an incorrigible flirt and it feels like she isn't in this relationship seriously. It's more of a "love the one you're with", until someone else comes along. She comes across as a spoiled brat at this stage, th ough if she stays on, they'll probably show more sides to her.

I'm loving Gemma!

Louby said...

I'm very much enjoying Gemma's return. No doubt she will have some part in the body discovery, but hopefully lots more comedy in the meantime.

I'm not keen on the O'Driscoll storyline, it's a bit too"Scooby Doo" for me, creeping around looking for the passport, etc. Already cringing at the thought of them breaking in to the house and no doubt getting caught.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jordan's comment about Sarah's false alarm being contrived.It also seemed contrived that even though she never mentioned her son nor visited his grave upon her return that Sarah would suddenly remember her son Billy now.A mother never forgets her child.


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