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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 8 July

When I first realised which episode in particular I'd be reviewing, I was nervous, then honoured and then nervous again. Even now, I'm not sure how this is going to pan out.

Tonight, as I am sure you all know, we face the loss of one of the most iconic characters in television history. I am actually somewhat surprised that the episode features other storylines, albeit in small doses. I will mention those briefly towards the end - it is obvious on whom the focus of this post should be.

It is Deirdre's 60th birthday. At Number 1, the Barlows are preparing for her much anticipated return from Bev's. Typically, Tracy is more concerned about herself than anything else, insisting upon having her hair done for the party. Next door, the residents are eagerly waiting for Deirdre so they can celebrate her surprise party. Norris is wittering on about a free bar and the buffet, Carla speaks of the best mother-in-law she's ever had.

Bev arrives at the house earlier than expected, making her first appearance on the Street since 2006. She is alone. Struggling to compose herself, she rings the doorbell.  Ken is confused and becomes concerned, as Bev holds back tears. She explains that Deirdre died only a few hours ago, most likely of an aneurysm. The optimistic and exciting atmosphere is shattered in seconds.
In a touching homage to the public's perception of Deirdre, Bev presents Ken with his wife's famous glasses.

Liz bravely steps behind the bar at the Rovers and rings the bell to tell the party guests the heartbreaking news of her best friend's passing.

Despite the comforting thoughts that Deirdre was giddy and excitable right until the end and died peacefully, a dark and numbing undertone washes over every corner of the Street. Praise indeed to all the cast in this episode, but in particular Kate Ford as Tracy. Typical Tracy became almost a different person in seconds, very understandably. A slight hint of the typical Tracy does slip in, when Liz is crying about losing her best friend. Tracy tells her not to 'big her part up'. However, I think this is the first time that Tracy has displayed true, selfless emotion, She has lost the one person who was constantly on her side no matter what. She has lost her mother.
Audrey attempts to console Tracy 
Elsewhere, very briefly- Kylie tells the delusional  Sarah all about Callum's proposition the other day.
She is furious, but when she confronts him, he angrily jumps in his car and flees, yelling "Don't whack ma mota!" when she hits his car out of frustration. I am very happy that David and Kylie are back together properly now but this storyline is dragging like Deirdre on a cigarette.

The stunned regulars drink their fond memories of Deidre and Ken breaks down in the arms of Steve, wondering what he is to do without her. An all round brilliant episode, sensitively written by Jonathan Harvey- my personal favourite writer. I was slightly surprised that the music played during the end credits, but silent credits don't seem to happen anymore.
"I can't believe I'll never see her again. Fag in her hand. The laughs. You could tell her anything" 

"I just don't know what I'm going to do without her"
Thank you for reading this review. It was certainly challenging but definitely a privilege to write this. Deirdre will go down in history with the other iconic women of the Street, such as Ena Sharples, Hilda Ogden and Vera Duckworth. She is known by those who don't even watch Coronation Street. That is what is so magical about the show. The characters are so well known they almost aren't fictional. We want them to be real, so we treat them like they are.
And just for lightheartedness, here is a photo of "Deirdre" and I in the Rovers at Madame Tussaud's, Blackpool

Thanks again for reading.


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R.I.P Anne Kirkbride

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Lovely write-up. It was a very moving episode. I liked the way Steve comforted Ken. You mention the iconic women - Ena, Hilda, Vera. Old names that you don't hear anymore and instantly recognisable as Corrie women. It's the same with 'Deirdre'. She's joined an elite team.

Llifon said...

While the other stories weren't necessary, it just goes to show that life goes on despite death.

An emotional episode with Tracy, Ken, Liz and Emily showing raw emotion.

George Dunning said...

A first for me tonight: I nearly cried at a TV show. It was so superb and so touching. The death reaction had a 60's Corrie feel for me. And the scenes with other characters broke up the heartbreak nicely to give us a chance to catch our breath.

Proof that Corrie can still do a good episode. And its only just begun.

Stevie Dawson said...

Lovely review Jordan

Tvor said...

Jonathan Harvey hit it bang on the money. And the actors did as well. I think of all the reactions, Emily's touched me the most. She and Deirdre really did have a mother and daughter-like relationship. Steve with Ken at the end was also an impressive scene.

Tvor said...

And Jordan, well done!

Val Carter said...

Nicely done Jordan

serenitychick said...

I cried and I thought the episode was brilliantly done. Ken and the glasses and Steve with Ken in the ginnel...
Also the part when Liz said "You could tell her anything..." and Bev said "and I did.."
R.I.P. Ms. Kirkbride and Mrs. Barlow x

Newfy Pearl said...

I was so happy to see that it was Steve who was there for Ken. Nice touch to a fantastic episode.

vintgal003 said...

Well written review Jordan....those sub-titles are very effective, thank you!

Anonymous said...

That was difficult to watch because it wasn't just about Deirdre; it was about Anne, too.

Well done, Jordan.

maggie muggins said...

Very fitting post, Jordan. I enjoyed your quotes under the photos too. And this, "...storyline dragging like Deirdre on a cigarette", referring to David and Kylie.

Cried tonight, but not as much as when Annie died.

maggie muggins said...

...have to add that I don't think I've ever see Ken cry. Had me going. :(

Wim Lammens said...

The lines between fiction and reality were never more blurred than in last night's episode.

I don't know whom I felt most sorry for: Ken, for losing the love of his life in such a sudden and tragic way, or William, for having already lost his dear friend and co-worker and now having to act out and relive that loss all over again.

Anonymous said...

I was actually quite stunned at Kate Ford's reaction to her mum's death..had me in tears! The episode was handled very well I think. Norris was his usual obnoxious self and I sure felt sorry for poor Emily. Well done. It must have been so hard for Bev C. and the rest of the crew to pull off those scenes as well as they did. I'm sure the emotions were heart-felt.

abbyk said...

Were they acting? Wim L, absolutely agree. Even felt empathy for Tracy.

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