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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 9 July

Thursday 9th July
BETHANY GETS IN OVER HER HEAD Sarah admits that Callum has dumped her and she intends to move back to Italy. Bethany’s horrified and calls at Callum’s flat, desperate to sort her mum’s love life out so she doesn’t have to return to Italy. Witnessing Gemma arrive with a delivery of drugs, Bethany suggests Callum rekindles his relationship with Sarah and in return she’ll keep quiet about his line of business. Will Callum go along with Bethany or is she in way too deep attempting to blackmail Callum?
NEWS OF DEIRDRE’S DEATH SHATTERS THE STREET Leanne steals herself and tells Simon that Grandma Deirdre has died. Simon appears unfazed and heads to his room to play his computer game leaving Leanne worried. Meanwhile having found out about Deirdre, Amy’s inconsolable. When Roy and Carla call at No.1 to pay their respects Tracy makes her feelings for Carla clear and slams the door in her face. In the Rovers, the regulars raise their glasses in a toast to Deirdre.
CARLA’S ITCH NEEDS SCRATCHING Carla heads off in a taxi to a casino in town.
ELSEWHERE Gail’s unimpressed to find Eileen and Michael enjoying dinner together in the bistro. She breaks the news to them of Deirdre’s death. As Michael comforts a devastated Eileen, Gail watches, consumed with jealousy.

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Pippa Dee said...

Bethany & Callum - not interested, please God Sarah goes back to Italy and takes her awful daughter with her.

Why on earth would Eileen be "devastated" about Deirdre? Don't recall them being mates and can't stand Eileen at the best of times (husband-stealing fishwife that she is) and disliking Michael more and more every time I see him.

Anonymous said...

Eileen and Deirdre were always mates - the two of them and Liz were a trio.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bethany will get killed in a gunfight between Callum and a rival drug dealer. Oh wait...Callum isn't even menacing, let alone dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Bethany will discover her birth certificate and realize she is actually over 18 and will begin to act her age.

Kylie O'Reilly said...

Callum will just have to point his Camp Finger of Death at Beth - no need for a gun

Alison said...

Callum is such a joke of a character! Badly written and badly acted. My least favourite character on the street right now.

Anonymous said...

Although I could understand Liz's grief as she and Deirdre were close friends and share a granddaughter,I didn't think Eileen and Deirdre were that close,drinking friends at best and thought her devastion was contrived just so Michael could comfort her and make Gail jealous.
I wondered why are Eileen and Michael always in the Bistro and why could the Sarah\Callum drudgery have waited a few episodes?

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