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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tim proposes to Sally on Coronation Street

Oh, I do love it when tabloid rumours come true.  And this one I like a great deal.  Next week on Coronation Street, Tim proposes to Sally.  He gets down on one knee on the cobbles and pops the question to Mrs Webster - but what will she say?

Inside Soap magazine
reveal that Tim's proposal takes place after he gets jealous about Kevin doing so well for himself in the garage. Tim hears Sally praise Kevin for his business plans at the garage, and decides that he can't face losing Sally, so he pops the question.

Tim puts his best shirt on for the proposal - and Sally says yes!  However, she then goes into full bridezilla mode and Tim is left wondering if he can afford such a big do.

However, as this particular tabloid spoiler has come true, I wonder if this one now will. Will Sally and Tim live happy ever after?  Well, this is soap, so who knows?!

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Aussie Pete said...

I really hope they have a very comedic wedding. The other rumour, hopefully stays as a rumour. It'll be the wedding of the year and have us all in stitches! Ha ha

Pippa Dee said...

Excellent news, love Sally & Tim together, they make a smashing couple, best one on the street for years, decades even!

Leave Kevin & Sally as a couple in the past where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

If they do split up Tim and Sally and return to the borefest that was Kevin and Sally, I'll know that the writers have lost the plot

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when characters tie the knot, the magic is lost.

So hoping this won't be the case in the genius pairing of Sally and Tim.

It's been great watching Tim's character develop from his first appearance on the street to where it is now.

He and Sally have seamlessly met half-way, in what looked at first to be a highly unlikely union.

It's beautiful to see the way the actor evokes such a range and depth of love, understanding and kindness in the eyes that normally look to me rather wide-eyed and blank as befits Tim's character.

Long may they continue together; comedy and pathos Joe Duttine does well and it adds so much to the show.

maggie muggins said...

Great comments! Totally agree on this happy union! I'm sure any issues Sally and Tim might be faced with will be confronted with courage and tons of humour!

Pootle5 said...

As they have missed at least 3 weddings as they seem to disappear into the bedroom... they should be late for their own - or at least vanish between wedding venue and reception for a while!

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