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Monday, 13 July 2015

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Deirdre's funeral

Monday 13th July
THE STREET SAY GOODBYE TO DEIRDRE As Ken and Tracy prepare for Deirdre’s funeral the tension between them is palpable. Tracy does her best to comfort Ken but he shuns her atttentions leaving Tracy hurt and taken aback by his sharpness. As the funeral cortege sets off the residents watch, deeply moved. Through the hearse window, Tracy’s shocked to spot Robert Preston in the crowd. In the church, Emily recognises Robert as Tracy’s ex-husband. Deirdre’s funeral takes places and as the congregation sing, Tracy sobs uncontrollably for her mum. Whilst Emily delivers a bible reading, will Ken be to mask his anger towards Tracy any longer?

ITV Coronation Street have released a trailer video for the funeral, which you can watch below.

Deirdre's funeral has been written by scriptrwriter Damon Rochefort.  You can read the interview with Damon Rochefort on writing out a legend from the show

Elsewhere... CAN BETHANY RESIST ANYTHING BUT TEMPTATION? As Sarah sees Bethany off to school, Callum invites Sarah to an afternoon house party but Sarah declines, off to work. However Bethany skives off school and heads to the Dog & Gun where she knocks back cider and invites herself to the party. When Sarah gets a call from school to say Bethany didn’t turn up, will Sarah suss what she’s up to?

Monday 13th July
TRACY SEEKS SOLACE IN ROBERT’S ARMS Robert follows Tracy out to the graveyard and explains how he saw Deirdre’s obituary in the paper and wanted to pay his respects. Steve persuades Tracy to return to the service or she’ll regret it for the rest of her life. As Ken begins his eulogy, Tracy rejoins the congregation. Whilst talking of his love for Deirdre, Ken takes another swipe at a devastated Tracy. Feeling rejected by Ken, Tracy can’t face the wake and heads home. Robert calls at No.1. In desperate need of some company, Tracy invites him in. Robert tells Tracy how he’s never stopped thinking about her and Tracy kisses him. How will Ken react when he returns home to find Tracy in a passionate clinch with her ex-husband?
CALLUM RIDES TO BETHANY’S RESCUE Callum tells Bethany she’s not going to any house parties, she’s going to sober up and he’ll make out he found her in the Trafford Centre and run her home. Bethany attempts to blackmail Callum, suggesting that if he’ll pay for her to go on holiday, she’ll keep quiet about the fact he plied her with alcohol all afternoon. How will Callum respond to her cheek?
CARLA OPTS FOR THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE Unable to face going to the funeral, Carla spends the afternoon in a casino.
ELSEWHERE David suggests to Kylie they should have a family holiday. Kylie’s thrilled. Upset that his Dad didn’t turn up at the funeral, Simon takes out his bad mood on Ken and Leanne.

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