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Monday, 6 July 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 6 July

The performance put on by David and Kylie is getting to Callum. He sits in his car brooding and watching them with Max, as Sarah rambles on. He clearly isn’t listening to Sarah.  Does he have feelings for Kylie or only in as much as she is the mother of Max and that if they show a united front, then it would maximize Callum’s chances of having Max full time? Does he really want Kylie back and to make a family unit consisting of himself, Kylie, Max and Lily? Callum can’t really care about Sarah, perhaps only hanging around with her to annoy David. In fact he says ‘she’ll do for now’ as he follows Kylie.

As Callum is an individual who has no scruples, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Sarah then has her uses as a distraction for Callum but it does seem as if Callum yearns for family and domesticity.

To this end, Gemma is in on Callum’s plan to divert Kylie away from her drug counselling session.  Her role is to direct Kylie to Callum’s flat which she does so by telling Kylie that there is an emergency.  Gemma tells Kylie that the tin opener isn’t working, which is when she realizes that this is a set up. There is Callum is his rather swish flat which houses a great bedroom for Max and a box-room for Lily - more space than he has at The Platt’s house. With David only pretending to be a couple with Kylie, might she be tempted to throw her lot in with Callum? Doubtful – Kylie aka Heidi seems determined to win Brad aka David back. While she is absent, David is fretting about her therapy appointment and wondering where she is.

Thankfully, Kylie sees sense and rejects what Callum offers. She even tells David about it. Kylie paints a picture of a ‘married bliss’ with Callum going out in a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase. She would have his tea on the table, the second he walked through the door. Callum realises that she is ridiculing him.

  How does David know that Kylie is telling the truth though, when she says she wants nothing to do with Callum? Once again the old mistrust starts to nag at him. Kylie is very upset and starts to pack her bags, sad that he can’t believe what she is saying and unable to regain his trust. Just as she is about to leave, David asks her not to go. They make up and from now on, all being well, they are back together.

Callum though reverts to Sarah, who would not be at all happy if he knew what had happened with Kylie previously and how he had tried to persuade her to join him in domestic harmony. No doubt Sarah will find out soon.

We are aware that a domestic abuse storyline is about to break and that it involves Simon and Leanne. It is Simon’s birthday and Leanne has bought him some trainers but they are not the right colour. Leanne bought him white ones but he wants black ones. Despite being hurt at his reaction and ingratitude she offers to change them for him. Simon is growing up and the world of trainers competition is opening up before him. We have witnessed flashes of anger before from Simon, notably the throwing of the TV remote. Is he in touch with his dad? He must be. We know that Peter is coming up for Deirdre’s funeral, so it will be interesting to see how they react towards each other.

Then Granddad Ken gives Simon a computer game, which he already owns, though Carla comes up with the goods and buys for Simon the trainers he wanted in the first place. Ken attempts to interest Carla in the oven but it’s really not her thing.

Simon though hasn’t finished with his mum. He tells her ‘You’re ugly, you’re mean and I hate you.’ Leanne has had a call from school to say that Simon was late back to school, despite Simon claiming he wasn’t. Adolescence is kicking in.

Simon isn’t the only problem Leanne has and it is worth remembering that she is deep in grief for Kal too. Her problem comes in the shape of Liz’s new squeeze, Dan, the sore loser who spouted sexist rubbish to Carla in the poker game. Dan was once a client of Leanne’s and he got violent with Leanne and so she wanted Liz to know what she might be up against. This hideous individual threatens to tell Simon of her past as a prostitute and that he was violent, if Leanne carries out her threat to tell Liz that he paid Leanne a visit when she was working as a prostitute and became violent. Liz is confused as to why Leanne arrived and then left, saying that she had only come to ask Amy to come for tea with her and Simon, but Liz is left wondering why she really came.

Leanne is in a bad way, on her own and doing her best. Alone, with Simon sent to his room and grounded, she sobs, heartbroken.

Deirdre is finally coming home and it will be her 60th birthday. Ken is very excited, especially as she has been away for so long. Along with the oven, he also buys her a book. ‘Never too late to start reading,’ Ken reminds us.  Come on Ken, you can do better than that. Thank goodness that Liz offers a surprise party in The Rovers.

The revelation that Cathy is a hoarder was a masterstroke. Was she like this before her husband died or was it brought about by grief. Grief can do strange things to the most rational of people. Roy very kindly, but with a little necessary force, tells Cathy that she would be brave to get rid of some stuff. But she can’t do it. Cathy could have a field day on eBay if only she would let go of her possessions.

Back in the cafĂ©, Roy explains to Carla all about Cathy, and Carla reminds him that we are all thin-skinned with fragile egos. ‘Most of us are mad, a bit obsessive or irrational.’ Carla advises him to leave Cathy alone, but Roy insists it’s not about him. But when he says he can’t leave her in that state, Carla tells him, ‘And that, my dearest friend, is your need not hers.’

Dev is in reflective mood and compares his two lost women. Julie he describes as ‘shepherd’s pie, Sunday TV, and a people carrier.’ Talisa on the other hand is, ‘A two door soft top, Friday night out and the movies.’ Once again, Joni Mitchell’s famous line, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ is quoted.

Kevin is understandably anxious about Jack and Sophie sees that, insisting that Jack should go to nursery where she is certain he’ll be safe. She grabs his hand and takes him off, where he can mix with othr children. Kevin also refuses to go out for a drink with Tim. Sophie tries to encourage him to go, and Kevin says he will tomorrow night. Kevin speaks a great truism when he says, ‘You never stop worrying.’  
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Zagg said...

It seems odd to me, given the way the people on the street gossip and turn on each other, that Dan is able to blackmail Leanne about her being a prostitute. Everybody knows and there is no way they'd keep that under hearing it from their parents etc. Another weak and contrived story line.

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