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Friday, 1 May 2015

My favourite Coronation Street scene, ever

This is my favourite Coronation Street scene, ever.  It was after Sharon Gaskell had jilted Ian Bentley at the altar on their wedding day. She'd found he'd been having an affair with that well-known husband-pincher (and at the time, a grieving widow) Natalie Barnes.

Sharon stormed out of the church before she could say 'I do' to Ian, ran down the aisle and out into the frosty cold air. She found her way back to the Rovers to yell and scream at Natalie 'You've ruined my life!' before Betty tried to console with her with a brandy. But Sharon wouldn't be consoled, and Sally shepherded her out of the Rovers and away from Natalie, the woman who had caused her so much pain when she had her fling with Kevin years before.

The reason I'm posting this today is that I've just found the scene on an old episode of Corrie that I was watching. It's from March 1999 and the scene where Sally and Sharon emerge from the Rovers, I remember at the time, was one that had me in tears. It was the beauty of the shot, the two women united in their hatred for harlot Natalie, Sharon in her wedding dress and veil, and the snow falling softly, adding a freezing cold edge to an already bitter day.

When I found the scene today, it brought the beauty of it all back and I knew I had to rewind it and pause, take it all in again, and then here I am sharing it with you now too.

If there is one screen-grab that sums up your favourite Coronation Street scene, do please email it in with a few paragraphs about what makes it so special to you. I'd love to hear all about it.  And now, I think I'm going to console myself with a brandy.

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Anonymous said...

Shreaking down the cobbles in a wedding dress with the snow falling. I have also
never forgotten it.

Glenda Young said...

No, no shreaking going on, just lots of tears. :-)

Tvor said...

That was lovely. Another kind of similar scene that i loved was when Shelly dumped Charlie Stubbs at the altar and walked back home. She was stood at a crossing and said something to an older lady standing. I seem to recall she told the woman she dumped him at the altar, i think the woman asked if she was all right and she said she was going to be now!

Franzjozef said...

You can find the episode (March 7th 1999)on Youtube:

Zagg said...

I'd have to say my favorite, although sad scene was Alma dying. She was my favorite character and I loved her. I thought I would lose my mind watching her die. I cried buckets. And...if I knew how to post a screen cap on here I would. lol

AmandaB said...

Agree with you about Alma.

Barrie.T said...

Yes the Alma death scene was beautiful and so real.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is from the episode where Deirdre offers to take care of Mike Baldwin for an afternoon when he has Alzheimer's. They look at old photos, he says he's going to take her to Spain, then he and Deirdre dance to The Look of Love is in Your Eyes. They dance cheek to cheek. He's grinning his old grin, while she silently weeps.

Now that my mum has AD, I am even more in awe of Johnny Briggs' portrayal. Spot on.

Here is the link:

The scene occurs about 13:00 in.


Anonymous said...

@Tvor, that scene with Shelley was brilliant. They wait for the crossing to change so they can walk across and make eye contact. The woman looks Shelley up and down and Shelley says something like "I dumped him, I can do better." And the old woman instantly responds "Good for you love!" Just great.


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