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Friday 29 May 2015

The aftermath of Corrie's latest tragedy

(Reposted from State of the Street, with permission)

Friday's episode on Corrie was there to wrap up the week's stories.

The Nazirs and Leanne are in shock. (Why are they all wearing white except Alya? Surely she would as well or is it only for Muslim men? Yasmeen was in an off white/beige so perhaps it's something only the men wear. Anyone, please and thank you?)

Sophie is holding vigil by Maddie's side while we wait to see if she'll survive, hoping against hope. Jenny is heaving a sigh of relief and gathering her scattered wits and shattered nerves while the family is there to support Sophie. It's a nice touch, having Norris in a state over worry for Maddie, harking back to them finding a new understanding a few months ago.

I was surprised at Maddie's injury. I know the actor is leaving the show and I thought perhaps Jenny would be directly responsible or that Maddie and Sophie would break up due to Jenny's interference and Maddie would leave. Getting in the line of a secondary explosion in front of the builder's yard was a surprise. The vigil in the hospital was fraught with gut wrenching emotion and as of this writing, we don't know if Maddie will survive the head injury but it's a pretty good bet that she won't. Maddie hit the cobbles in nearly the same spot Tina did when she fell off the balcony almost the same time last year but then Tina didn't hit her head when she landed. Rob did that for her with a lead pipe.

Blame. Everyone's blaming someone. There's really only one person that should wear this and it's Tracy Barlow. She didn't start the fire on purpose but she did sneak into Carla's flat, up to no good and she left the candle burning and well she knows it so she did everything she could to push the suspicions onto her arch rival, Carla, aided by the fire report which is going to show a candle started the fire.

Carla believes she accidentlly started the fire and she's going to turn into the next enemy of the state as far as her neighbours go. They're never short on turning against someone like a pack of rabid dogs, this time, led by Leanne's rage and grief and Norris' nasty accusations and Tracy is most certainly not going to let her forget it, either. She probably thinks all her birthdays have come at once. Even if it was true, it was an accident. Carla would never forgive herself but Tracy can gloss over it in her own mind. She's very good at convincing herself that her problems are caused by everyone else. Tracy wouldn't have been in Carla's flat if Carla hadn't been her enemy so she'll convince herself of Carla's blame rather than her own. Except probably those long nights when she can't sleep.


As always there were cast members missing, inexplicably. Where were Anna and Faye? They live a few yards from Victoria Court, surely they would have heard the ruckus. What about Steph? Her flat is right over or next to the builder's yard which had an explosion. Maria is within sight of Victoria Court as well. Eileen was at the wedding and reception but then disappeared when Liz needed her mate the most and Erica managed to get across the city in the space of 20 minutes, a near impossibility in Greater Manchester. I know, I know. They usually don't have the whole cast on hand for these things. Move along.

Nick's probably going to have to live back with mummy again unless he bunks with Leanne to support her and Simon and Carla will be bunking in with Roy. Conveniently, Nick was out of town and Sarah and Beth were at Audrey's when all hell broke loose. Think of it. Sarah and Beth left Italy with very little other than the clothes on their back and  a small bag. No mention if Uncle Stephen sent on their things but presumably, he did. Now everything they owned except the clothes on their back is ashes and what didn't burn won't be salvagable. They did have a throwaway line from Nick that Bethany could borrow some of Kylie's clothes though David didn't like that at all.

And best of all, Kylie's back!!! Bethany was absolutely sure, and she said she knew what Kylie looked like except when she went across the road to confront her for watching them, she didn't seem to know who it was. Ok, Kylie was standing back in the shadows.  It can only be from photos around the house, though. They've never met though possibly have talked on Skype I guess.

All in all, a good week. I might bitch and nit pick but really, I loved this week of Corrie! Next week we will likely find out Maddie's fate and the crusade to crucify Carla Connor will probably begin.

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Anonymous said...

White is not a requirement for mourning. Alya's clothing was appropriate and she may not have had suitable white attire at such short notice. See below:

Apart from white, muted darker colors are also acceptable for funerals in Islamic communities, including black, gray or brown. Intense colors such as pink, red, yellow, purple and orange are considered inappropriate. The point is to show reverence in an understated manner for the deceased rather than calling attention to the mourners.

The Hadith in Islam refers to the writings of the Prophet Muhammad. These accounts indicate that white clothing is the finest and most immaculate clothing a person owns. White is also associated with purity and humility in Islamic culture.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I do feel sorry for Ayla and Zeedan, both parents dead and them only young. How stupid was Maddar to walk through a white line cordoned off by the police and even told to keep back by a police officer because she wanted to speak to Sophie. Maddar was not supposed to be dumb.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would smack Norris in his nasty mouth, I hate him with a passion.

Tvor said...

Thank you for the clarification on wearing white

Anonymous said...

I felt very sorry for Sharif and Yasmeen. Was Kal their only child? I don't recall any mention of siblings.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Bethany and Sarah stay with Audrey and Nick stays with Leanne. This having to relocate thing could actually work out much better in terms of story lines that are actually interesting and move beyond every Platt crammed in the same flat.

Anonymous said...

The scene with Nick and Leanne was heartbreaking. I don't think words were needed from either. All she needed was someone to hold her as she cried. Excellent performance from Jane Danson all week- she really excelled and showed her talent as an actress.


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