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Sunday 17 May 2015

Craig Charles: "I don't really want to leave Coronation Street"

There's an excellent interview in the Daily Mail's Event magazine today.  Craig Charles, who is leaving Coronation Street as Lloyd Mullaney, is interviewed in the magazine and it's a very good read. 

Talking about leaving the soap after 10 years of playing Lloyd, Craig says: ‘I don’t really want to leave. I have had a fantastic time on Corrie but I can’t keep asking for time off. Coronation Street will go on but they wouldn’t make another Red Dwarf without me. I can’t let the other lads down.’

He says he'll miss his on-screen cabbie partner Steve McDonald, played by Simon Gregson. 'I’m going to miss Simon so much," he says.  And he says that he doesn't yet know how Lloyd will leave the show.  ‘I don’t think they are going to kill me off. I don’t know. I hope not.’

Craig also talks about the death of his brother while he was in the Celebrity Jungle last year;
the false accusation of rape and his past cocaine addiction. 

It's a hard-hitting interview, well worth a read, and it's here.

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abbyk said...
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abbyk said...
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abbyk said...

After reading the article, I can't help but think there is something else behind his leaving. Another underused talent leaving, while all the annoying ones remain. I will miss Lloyd and wish Craig Charles all the best. Hope he'll come back for a visit when he has a break from the other show.

Anonymous said...

I was sad to learn he was leaving but more so now that it seems he's genuinely reluctant to go. Surely the Corrie PTB could have worked something out. They are fools to let him go when Steve & Lloyd are so popular with viewers. I just hope he does get brought back in due course.

Anonymous said...

So sad - Steve and Lloyd are one of the best partnerships this show has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Maybe other actors on the show were asking why they couldn't take regular time off to pursue other projects the way Craig Charles does, until finally TPTB said nobody could. I know it sounds crazy, because actors never begrudge the terms of each other's contracts - Stephen Hancock anyone?

vintgal003 said...

Really sad...I have always enjoyed Craig over the years...excellent actor....hopefully his time away...will not be for too long (here's hoping anyway...)

Anonymous said...

I always think, if they haven't killed the character off, there's a chance they will come back. Here's hoping.

Btw, the new "prove you're not a robot" is much more user friendly, but, for some reason, I always seem to feel hungry after I've posted a comment.

Scott Willison said...

It's a fine reflection on Craig Charles that he'll leave a well-paid, high profile job so that he can revive a show with his friends. Very classy behaviour.

Rebecca said...

I'll miss the Steve/Lloyd double act. I hope he comes back soon!

Anonymous said...

He's been very underused on Corrie. I hope he gets some more challenging roles!


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