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Sunday 24 May 2015

Tracy's Revenge - a glimpse into the fire

What promised to be a happy few days for the Street’s residents is set to turn dark tomorrow as Tracy goes on the rampage yet again. Following the revelation that Carla has bought half of the Rovers, gazumping her and Tony’s plans for world, or at least Weatherfield domination, the bitter Barlow seeks revenge.

The Coronation Street blog had a sneak preview of every thrilling episode airing next week and whilst we won’t be giving away any big spoilers just yet, let’s take a look at where everyone stands, and what might be in store for them.

Producer Stuart Blackburn offered his take on the week’s events and the stories that follow: "The centre of these episodes is Tracy's revenge and that hasn't come from nowhere. That has been brewing for months and years. The jealousy that started off when she was with Rob has built and built into utter loathing.

"Coming out of these episodes, those characters are going on very, very different journeys and it is the same for everybody involved.”

Steve and Michelle are busy preparing for their big day, and hopeful that their recent troubles are behind them. With Steve’s depression under control and his financial woes improving, it’s all looking rosy. The happy couple even have a new family member…Rover the dog (who is Simon Gregson’s own dog Cookie) so could we finally see things start to improve for the McDonalds? Probably not. With Tracy on the war path, neither man nor beast can get in her way. So will the McDonalds be at risk next week and will Rover have a lead role in events?

Coronation Street’s latest true love story took a nice turn last week when Sophie and Maddie decided to move in together. The amazing turnaround Maddie has shown since moving on to the Street continues in the right direction as her and Sophie start to make future plans. But next week’s events might just scupper those plans, as Jenny’s behaviour starts to become more sinister and with all the commotion of the fire, people start to resort to desperate measures to hide secrets. There are quite a few hair raising moments to say the least. Different stories start to intertwine at this point, bringing some people closer together and others the exact opposite. 

Another blossoming love affair develops further next week as Kal and Leanne ponder their own future together. We know that Jimi Mistry is leaving Coronation Street, but in the coming days he will make a decision that will affect both his and Leanne’s futures, not to mention the whole Nazir family. Are we to hear more wedding bells on Coronation Street? And how will Simon react to the prospect of a new dad?

Where to start with Liz and Tony…poor Liz is as yet unaware that Tony has been scheming and sleeping with Tracy. Still planning a move to Spain, Liz has no idea how much her world will be turned upside down. But with things starting to improve for her and her family in recent weeks, the revelations could tip Liz over the edge. Tracy isn’t the only one with a temper…could Liz explode and if so who will come off worse, and who could inadvertently be in the firing line?

There’s no doubting Carla is in danger next week. Having attempted a normal relationship with Tracy, Carla’s purchase of the Rovers on Friday is the catalyst for all of next week’s dramatic events. But Carla is unaware of the significance of her business transaction to Tracy until Liz confides in her in the back of the Rovers. On the warpath herself, Liz asks Carla to take care of something very precious to Tracy whilst she figures out what to do. Is this Carla’s opportunity to show Tracy who’s boss?

Over at the Potter, Tilsley, Platt, Hillman, McIntyre-Rodwell's, expect more heartbreak as David resigns himself to life having to share Max with Callum, and perhaps giving him up completely. One time tearaway David really shows his emotional side next week, as recent run ins with Corrie’s new bad boy really takes its toll.

Tracy feels like she's back at square one next week. And it isn't a position she's comfortable with. Having lost so much, the evil mum starts to plot how to seek revenge on those she's been scorned by. Liz, Carla, Tony...all have targets on their backs in the coming days and unpredictable Tracy considers extreme measures to make her point. But what collateral damage might be caused through her reckless actions? 

As with all dramatic events in Weatherfield, we are always offered at least some light relief with a bit of comedy. Enter Sally and Tim, delighted at the prospect of another wedding. Because what happens during weddings on Coronation Street? A certain couple get frisky. Fresh from her Soap Awards win, expect a few more brilliant examples of Sally Dynevor’s comic rebirth.

Later in the week we will reveal what the implications of this week’s events will be throughout the summer. Stay tuned.

Tracy’s Revenge is on ITV at 9pm every day this week. 

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Anonymous said...

Wedding champagne has such an interesting effect on Tim and Sally.

vintgal003 said...

Excellent overview Stevie...can't wait to see what *evil* Tracy has up her sleeve!!

Anonymous said...

So Tracy has been "scorned by many" and has "lost so much". That poor, poor soul. No one should have to suffer so. I am starting an online crowd-sourcing campaign to raise money for this tragic woman. Anyone else care to contribute?

Zagg said...

Haha! Exactly. Tracy's lost so much? Really? With her plotting revenge on everyone who has wronged her only in her own mind of course and Todd plotting revenge on everyone who has wronged him only in his crazy mind, that makes the whole street susceptible to some half baked silly plot.
I wish these writers would stop rehashing the same old stuff.
Let's see, we've got two people plotting revenge, two people with unplanned pregnancies, two couples moving in together....and family secrets all over the place.

When they are winning Eco awards rather than writing awards it's time for change.

Humpty Dumpty said...

If they wanted us to understand Tracy's motivation, the writers should have given her some redeeming features. It's not enough for her to complain that everyone has it easier than her. It's obviously not true so why should anyone care about her? The only fans who enjoy Tracy's schemes are the ones who see her as a comedy villain. Fair enough, but now SB wants us to take her seriously. Tracy takes very little care of either her old dad or her young daughter. She could have been confiding in Beth but we rarely see them together. There was just a smidgeon of explanation of her behaviour when she complained to Ken that Peter got all the sympathy. So, she's damaged because of sibling rivalry? Could have been interesting but that storyline went nowhere. You can tell they're struggling with a personality transplant when the producer has to explain where it's come from. We know that Tracy's personality change has been pushed through because of sad circumstances on and off screen, but they should have developed Tracy's character years ago.

Anonymous said...

Tracy should be behind bars for the murder of her boyfriend. Seriously..why does anyone care what happens to this character? She should've been written out or killed off a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I agree completely. High time to get rid of a nasty piece of work. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.


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