Friday, 29 May 2015

Remembering Deirdre: Bill Roache interview on GMB

Coronation Street star Bill Roache chatted to Richard Arnold on ITV's GMB today ahead of co-star Anne Kirkbride's memorial at Manchester cathedral.

Bill is interviewed in Manchester Cathedral which he says is "Very, very strange. We're actually filming the funeral of Deirdre and I had a scene, as Ken, where I'm given Deirdre's glasses. But of course, Annie wore them for 30 years. So you certainly don't need any motivation for the acting. We're always on the verge... (he paused, almost in tears) it's there, just there..."

It is a truly lovely interview and Bill speaks of great fondness and love towards Anne Kirkbride.

Members of the public will be invited to attend the service and join with Anne's family and the Coronation Street cast and crew in the celebration of Annes life.

Bill was one of the last people to see Anne before she passed away, and recently revealed that she looked 'beautiful' on his last visit, just one day before she died.

You can watch Bill's interview here.

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Tvor said...

I do hope that they don't reenact Hilda's classic scene with Ken breaking down over Deirdre's glasses. It would feel wrong. Very wrong.

The on screen passing of any character whose actor has died is always tough and this will be difficult to watch. The Powers That Be promise it will be done with dignity, a tribute to Anne Kirkbride. I hope they learned from the mistake they made over Betty's passing, rewriting history and shoving Stella into the storyline where she had no business being.

Beth said...

I agree Tvor

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